3rd Floor – Death Angel

Trapped by iron bars Solitary ripping at me inside A victim of this crazy ward Must get out of here […]

Mind Rape – Death Angel

Leader of a hippie cult The devilish chief Directs his wicked family To kill psychotically Dying in agony As he […]

Bored – Death Angel

Guilty of no crime Not enough yet too much time I’m burning in this hell Plans to buy and dreams […]

Confused – Death Angel

Sometimes in the back of my mind I feel like something struck me blind Blind to the path Leading out […]

Stop – Death Angel

Stop! Drifting Fool The Truth I Must Bestow In You Many Times I’ve Seen Men As You Then I Smashed […]

Open Up – Death Angel

I just can’t believe what I’m seeing It makes me sick inside Condemned by the world around me I’m not […]