Death In Th Sky – Blessed Death

Rockets lifting into the sky
Flames escaping, boosters breaking
Death only seconds away
Humans are splattered, shuttle is shattered
Now you have death in the sky
Earth’s in mourning
Nation on its knees
Systems failing
Fallen to the sea
Onto the shores wash human flesh, bloodied bone
Death in the sky
Massive metal, chunks of death, clues unseen
Death in the sky
Pressured to launch, should not have been
Wagering life
Now pay your price for your death in the sky
Must go on Must go on
Have you learn Space explored
Death in the sky find new life
Futures burned Seek the cause
Sea of graves Suicide
Blown to hell Want to go
Billions lost Death in the sky
Human cost Watch below

Lyric Death In Th Sky – Blessed Death