Category: DEATH

Low Life – Death

Those who are a waste of life Use up air that others could breathe Human leaches all around Looking superior is what they believe Fake is a world you represent Your existence on earth I resent At the cost of others you get by Each word that you speak is a lie Low life – […]

Misanthrope – Death

Observation are collected Knowledge is taken in by curious life forms That may bring hope from beyond Beneath the giver of life, our sun An examination of another kind is done A view from those who stood high And breathed the sky An opinion from below and from above Some were decided, some were not […]

Destiny – Death

The unexpected I sometimes fear. Just when I feel there’s no excuse for what happens, Things fall into place I know there is no way to avoid the pain that we must go through to find the other half that is true Destiny is what we all seek Destiny was waiting for you and me […]

Story To Tell – Death

Drifting into the lives seep into the soul where emotions hide dark skies were beating me down with shadows of deceit slashing at trust till it forever bleeds with doubt, with pain, with trust is pain. When you think of me in your multidimesional mind, try and wash the “evil” from your mind and open […]

Crystal Mountain – Death

Passed down from self-induced fantasy Turn a page to justify Conjuring power – it open wide On your seventh day, Is that how it’s done? Twisting your eyes to perceive All that you want To assume from ignorance Inflicting wounds with your Cross-turned dagger Chorus: Inside crystal mountain Evil takes its form Inside crystal mountain […]

Genetic Reconstruction – Death

Extending a life with total resistance To fatal disease, future methods of science Replacing what is real by using technology Population control, selecting those who will breed A specific type of form chosen for the unborn A mind without emotion Progressive anatomy Genetic reconstruction Evolution in production Solo : Murphy, Shuldiner Producing a race of […]

Trapped In A Corner – Death

The end of your masquerade, a matter of time Interwining lies, domination, control Feed his twisted nature It is sickening to see dreams die A word of advice, fate’s patience is growning short. Fake down to your mind and appearance You will fall short of the dreams to destroy In time you will find yourself […]

Spiritual Healing – Death

Escaping the reality that surrounds you Using faith as an excuse to kill A sick way of life is now revealed All the prayers in the world can’t help you now A killer a taker of life is what you are Preach the good word Speak no more, prepare to burn A justified torture? From […]

Denial Of Life – Death

The pain so real Before the dead You’ll have to kneel Hear your future scream See you epitaph As you scream The dead they laugh Pain, growing stronger Life, exists no longer Welcome, to a world of pain Death and despair Denial of life (vile denial) Denial of life Denial of life Created by your […]

Painkiller – Death

Faster than a bullet Terrifying scream Enraged and full of anger He’s half man and half machine Rides the Metal Monster Breathing smoke and fire Closing in with vengeance soaring high He is the Painkiller This is the Painkiller Planets devastated Mankind’s on its knees A saviour comes from out the skies In answer to […]

Mentally Blind – Death

Your every word filled with sarcasm Crucify people with invisible knowledge Verbal destruction with each compulsion We will see where you go The future for you is nowhere Every minute a cliche of your kind Too much to say from a person with no respect Your accusations you will regret From the mentally blind come […]

Perennial Quest – Death

And envolves into soul-felt questins On the stones that we walk And chose to make our path Sometimes never knowing Other times knowing too much Filtering out the bad that holds us back… Take hold of what is true to your hunger A hunger that will not go away Plans for tomorrow, they will remain […]

Lack Of Comprehension – Death

Things they cannot understand As excuse to cover up weaknesses that lie within Lies Laying you guilt and pain On people that had no part in the molding of a life That creates its destruction Lies Right before your very eyes A reflection of the mistakes To the end you will deny Your part in […]

Scavenger Of Human Sorrow – Death

What pain will it take to satisfy your sick appetite go in for the kill always in sight-prey the time always right-feast feed on the pain-taste sorrow made flesh-sweet live how you want just don’t feed on me if you doubt what i say i will make you believe shallow are words from those who […]

Killing Spree – Death

To the world around he was the perfect person Planning for an alibi he then starts rehearsing A human bomb just waiting to explode This secret rage can’t be controlled Slaughter the dreams of others One left to recover Self-inflicted wounds Life he has consumed Planning a killing spree Victim of a conspiracy? Getting bored […]

The Philosopher – Death

There is a line you must draw between your dream world and reality Do you live my life or share the breath I breathe Lies feed your judgement of others Behold how the blind lead each other The philosopher You know so much about nothing at all (Lead: Chuck) Ideas that fall under shadows of […]

Bite The Pain – Death

Look down at the body you may see no trace of wounds but in the eye the eye of the beholder one cannot asume. Not a drop of blood is drawn but you know how it bleeds beware of the sharp edged weapon called human being It is a shield of passion and strong will […]

Sacrifical – Death

Your death I demand Slicing through your fat My always gore attack Manipulating lies Is your way of life Riding on chep glory Your life is getting gore Watch you bleed to death Gasping for last breath Choking on your blood I shit onto your guts Sacrifical cunt I despire Sacrifical cunt No more lies […]

Open Casket – Death

As the image grows so clear Future now takes full control The one whose past you now behold Touch – The flesh it is so cold Turn away – You now have been told Never to return, memories will last In the future, you’ll think about the past Never to forget, what you have seen […]

Scream Bloody Gore – Death

Sucking all the blood from you stump Intestinal guts taking their hold Leaving you dead, stiff and cold Controling the minds of the bloodthirsty dead Unholy seizure slicing through your head Who will survive only time will tell Dripping from your mouth comes a rancid smell Labotomized corpse shredding your flesh Leaving your body a […]

Zombie Ritual – Death

Smell the stench, your guts will spill Vomit for a mind, maggots for a cock With his axe the corpse will chop Stare into his eyes Now in his spell Kiss the rotting flesh Now you’re in hell Drink from the goblet, the goblet of gore Taste the zombie’s drug, now you want more Drifting […]

Forgotten Past – Death

Deep in your mind there is another side A morbid truth one cannot hide Unimaginable gore was your past time high To hear people scream, to watch them die Return back to the burial site Face your dreams upon this night Severed limbs not far away Spirit past you now obey Images of the forgotten […]

Overactive Imagination – Death

life for you is a perfomance, play out the leading role. Directing and premeditating every move That creates the act of manipulation Mastering the art of deception. That increases your sick addiction It’s an overactive imagination that enslaves your empty shell (Lead: Chuck) Existing in dimensions of addictive obsession (Lead: Andy) Your script will run […]

Without Judgement – Death

We codemnn your soul and fate Never mind the possibilities Too busy for logic or to calculate Take part in a diminishing breed Where complex turns to simplicity When pain is accknowledged Frivolous calculations will be abolished Chorus : Without judgemenent what would we do? We would be forced to look At ourselves emerged in […]

Defensive Personalities – Death

One mind divided into three, for every problem a personality Each one trying to protect, for the crisis a person they’ll select With sorrow comes reassurance, with confusion there’s ignorance Deny who they are, a fantasy gone too far Protecting the weak points of the mind Defensive personalities Violent one minute Defensive personalities Solo : […]