Performer DEATH

Vacant Planets – Death

To correct what they have done, what we are doing Perhaps submerged, living in the inner most Recesses of a […]

Symbolic – Death

But i can’t help myself When i feel the vibe And taste a memory Of a time in life When […]

Regurgitated Guts – Death

Unfaithful servant goes straight to hell When he returns your life will end Down from the skies maggots descend Least […]

Leprosy – Death

Bodies deformed way beyond belief Cast out from their concerned society Flesh contorting day after day Freak of the dark […]

Spirit Crusher – Death

It comes from the depths of a place unknown to the keeper of dreams if it could then it would […]

Living Monstrosity – Death

Every day blows by in the world of corrupt addiction With live comes pain withdrawals and deformation Breaking the mold […]

See Through Dreams – Death

Where sounds portray the imagess that are out Out of reach from my sight Which hes been denied Hands change […]

Zero Tolerance – Death

Abusing a portion of light While others are sleeping And some are escaping A serpent spews out fantasy – Unjustified […]

Empty Words – Death

Throught the winds of change Words are blown away When visions that should be The power to let go Is […]

In Human Form – Death

It is here in human form An atrocity laced with greed. Filled with evil intentions. Ready to attack (Lead: Andy) […]

Left To Die – Death

Die for someone else Now you’re in the real world Where pain and death are felt The first blood shed […]

Mutilation – Death

Slicing deep, into your flesh, the pain intense Dreams of hate, misery, fill my mind Puke in your face in […]

Within The Mind – Death

Transforming your live from the inside out Overcoming fear that made your doubt Observing what is stored in the subconscious […]

Primitive Ways – Death

Go against the ways and experience pain Leading a life which one might call insane Bathe in blood of the […]

Suicide Machine – Death

Deciding when and how they will die A victim of some one else’s choice The ones who suffer have no […]

Secret Face – Death

That covers up one’s true intentions Once romoved, things become very clear Analyze behavior patterns to see beneath The person […]

Born Dead – Death

Brought to this world to wither away Naive about the ways of life is what they say Millions live millions […]

Together As One – Death

Ridiculed for their shocking appearance Sharing both please and pain Two minds, two hearts, one soul Separating mentally An illusion […]

Sacred Serenity – Death

Your shadow is not far behind our steps And our breath Protecting and watching all… Observing spirits on the wall […]

Suicide Mashine – Death

Deciding when and how they will die A victim of someone else’s choice The ones who suffer have no voice […]

Choke On It – Death

Freedom is just a breath away Will you live to see the day As the heat intensifies You start to […]

Torn To Pieces – Death

Behind the myth of Man eating man Finding bodies tied Up to a stake You cannot understand Filled with ignorance […]

Baptized In Blood – Death

Submerged in blood, the dead they smile Growing possessed, burning inside A bloody feast for us tonight The way of […]

1,000 Eyes – Death

Emerging as prisoners To the emptiness of time To the left and to the right From behind – they’re out […]

Low Life – Death

Those who are a waste of life Use up air that others could breathe Human leaches all around Looking superior […]

Misanthrope – Death

Observation are collected Knowledge is taken in by curious life forms That may bring hope from beyond Beneath the giver […]

Destiny – Death

The unexpected I sometimes fear. Just when I feel there’s no excuse for what happens, Things fall into place I […]

Story To Tell – Death

Drifting into the lives seep into the soul where emotions hide dark skies were beating me down with shadows of […]

Crystal Mountain – Death

Passed down from self-induced fantasy Turn a page to justify Conjuring power – it open wide On your seventh day, […]

Genetic Reconstruction – Death

Extending a life with total resistance To fatal disease, future methods of science Replacing what is real by using technology […]

Trapped In A Corner – Death

The end of your masquerade, a matter of time Interwining lies, domination, control Feed his twisted nature It is sickening […]

Denial Of Life – Death

The pain so real Before the dead You’ll have to kneel Hear your future scream See you epitaph As you […]

Painkiller – Death

Faster than a bullet Terrifying scream Enraged and full of anger He’s half man and half machine Rides the Metal […]

Mentally Blind – Death

Your every word filled with sarcasm Crucify people with invisible knowledge Verbal destruction with each compulsion We will see where […]

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