Performer DEATH

1,000 Eyes – Death

Emerging as prisoners To the emptiness of time To the left and to the right From behind – they’re out […]

Low Life – Death

Those who are a waste of life Use up air that others could breathe Human leaches all around Looking superior […]

Misanthrope – Death

Observation are collected Knowledge is taken in by curious life forms That may bring hope from beyond Beneath the giver […]

Destiny – Death

The unexpected I sometimes fear. Just when I feel there’s no excuse for what happens, Things fall into place I […]

Story To Tell – Death

Drifting into the lives seep into the soul where emotions hide dark skies were beating me down with shadows of […]

Crystal Mountain – Death

Passed down from self-induced fantasy Turn a page to justify Conjuring power – it open wide On your seventh day, […]

Genetic Reconstruction – Death

Extending a life with total resistance To fatal disease, future methods of science Replacing what is real by using technology […]

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