Performer DECEASED

The Psychic – Deceased

Foreseeing into future fully aware of what has come You see they predicted monsters from the ground to swallow man […]

Destiny – Deceased

The masterplan defeasted by the laws of earth’s beliefs And in death’s costume now I live a lonely, empty corpse […]

Unhuman Drama – Deceased

I’ve seen the terror and watched the dead molest my loved ones gone With death so pale these ruling monsters […]

Beyond Science – Deceased

To bring the living to death What’s to stop these ghouls of gore From eating all our birth Beyond science […]

Midnight – Deceased

The sharpened clock, it tells the time, and yes, It all stands still The missing link, a thousand worlds, What […]

Feasting On Skulls – Deceased

Empty is an empty world contaminated sights Collecting corpses all around building up their stock A morbid menu for mankind […]

Into The Bizarre – Deceased

Imagination enslaves my only life Fear feeds fear in all minds Laughter, taunting, sickos haunting My last chance a game […]

The Triangle – Deceased

And many men have spoke of doom, aboard the Flight 19 The devil’s home, some do preach, a force beyond […]

Mind Vampires – Deceased

Nuclear evil, thrives on the brain Army of madness, grown from the dead Creatures of horror, contaminated Beware your mind […]