Blind – Deep Purple

Jon plays harpsichord on this track, which is a love song, sort of squeezed into the format of a twelve bar blues. The middle section is a descending chromatic sequence which is intended to give a sort of “slowing down” effect. I see reflections in the water Autumn colours, summer’s daughter And as as the […]

Love Don’t Mean A Thing – Deep Purple

If I work hard every day For my money If I work my finger down to the bone That ain’t funny Now if I see Something I can’t buy I put a dollar down Then I try try try To get my money I need my money A woman who ain’t got a dime I […]

Sun Goes Down – Deep Purple

With hearts of devotion Through the dust and the heat lost to me In a cloud of emotion I have no motivation To keep this breathless pace I’m more inclined to stay here In this breathing space And the sun goes down And the moon comes up I never tried to walk the walk ‘Cos […]

Ramshackle Man – Deep Purple

My clothes don’t fit and I have no point of view I got a bad reputation but I don’t believe it’s true I had something going but I blew it down the can Not exactly what I planned I’m a ramshackle man That’s what I am I look like a joker but I feel like […]

Speed King – Deep Purple

in the house of blue light Tutti Frutti was oh so rooty when she was rockin’ to the east and west Lucille was oh so real when she didn’t do her daddies will Come on baby, drive me crazy–do it, do it I’m a speed king you go to hear me sing I’m a speed […]

Don’t hold your breath – Deep Purple

And give you – I’ll give you something to remember me by That’s the way I am It’s what I got in mind but I don’t know if I can You gotta shoot your gun – don’t expect me to dance Hold me up to the spotlight but Don’t, don’t hold your breath Don’t hold […]

This time around – Deep Purple

The world around us hangs in doubt You face a crime that we’ll hear about To pay the cost would never be the same Eternal lovers we’re not to blame There’s no mistake there’s no refrain The same surroundings that stood Are here again – this time… As I look around you can’t be found […]

Stormbringer – Deep Purple

Comin’ out of nowhere Drivin’ like rain Stormbringer dance On the thunder again Dark cloud gathering Breaking the day No point running ‘Cause it’s coming your way Ride the rainbow Crack the sky Stormbringer coming Time to die Got to keep running Stormbringer coming He’s got nothing you need He’s gonna make you bleed Rainbow […]

Drifter (version 1) – Deep Purple

(Bolin/Coverdale) I was born a rambling man An’I never got the chance To settle down an’ get a hold on love. Takin’ Air, An’ movin’ ’round Is all I can see that I’m doin’ As’ it is bringin’ me down…. Drivin’ on a highway, going’ nowhere Desolation destination Guess I’ll find it somewhere I know […]

Lazy – Deep Purple

You’re lazy just stay in bed You don’t want no money You don’t want no bread If you’re drowning you don’t clutch no straw If you’re drowning you don’t clutch no straw You don’t want to live you don’t want to cry no more Well my trying ain’t done no good I said my trying […]

Lick It Up – Deep Purple

My shoes are heavy My feet are winding down I look for her in comers But she’s not around What I eat is eating me It hits me hard I’m one jack short of a royal flush A stranger holds the card Here come the salvation in the shape of my guitar And I’m gonna […]

Anya – Deep Purple

I’m so far away From everything you know Your name is carried on the wind Your ice blue waters Anya Where do they flow Where have they been Where have they been A hidden passion Touching a spark Flame of revolution Burning wild in your gypsy heart Your gypsy heart Anya – The spirit of […]

Seventh Heaven – Deep Purple

Each day and never rises I’ve been to places in a dark room Where we played with our disguises Heaven, I’m in heaven I’m in seventh heaven now Seventh heaven It was a dream, I heard a voice I put it down to wishful thinking It was a dream, a silent scream Out of the […]

Mary Long – Deep Purple

She does all the things that she tells us not to do Selling filth from a corner shop And knitting patterns to the high street queue She paints roses, even makes them smell good And then she draws titties on the khazy wall Drowns kittens just to get a thrill And writes sermons in the […]

Walk On – Deep Purple

If you can do better than me You better walk on If the road before you winds Obscuring all the signs You better walk on You mean more to me Than just a pretty face I wont hold you down You need a little space If you don’t like what you see If you can […]

Nasty Piece Of Work – Deep Purple

I got my feelers out Pleasure I can give you pain I’m the demon of misfortune Let me tell you that bad luck is my game Fires burning make you cold You can touch but you can’t hold It’s an even split Between zip and the number on your ticket Nothing to brag about dragging […]

Place In Line – Deep Purple

I know my place, could think of no way Of edging along in a loser’s race The line was moving slowly Day by night Everybody’s shuffling on to keep a place in the line Nine long years I’ve been in line Getting nowhere there is no reason For this line I don’t care. Everybody’s standing […]

Under The Gun – Deep Purple

Infidel can you hear Would be strange delight I need you to give your sympathy tonight When you hear what I say Deeds I’ve done Realize I’ve never lost and never won I’ve got a feeling that it’s never right There was a reason but it’s out of sight It’s going down somewhere tonight Under […]

Kentucky Woman – Deep Purple

Kentucky Woman She shines in her own kind of light She looks at you once in a day And what’s wrong is alright And I love her, God knows I love her Kentucky Woman She gets to know you She gets to hold you Kentucky Woman She ain’t the kind to turn at the drop […]

Lady Double Dealer – Deep Purple

Get outta my way I’m gettin’ tired of you There ain’t no chance Doin’ what you wanna do I’ve been down down down down down Got to get my feet back on the ground Lady double dealer Get outta my way Lady double dealer You got nothing to say I ain’t satisfied Dealin’ with second […]

Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple

To make records with a mobile we didn’t have much time Frank Zappa and the Mothers were at the pest place around But some stupid with the flure gun burned the place to the ground Smoke on the water and fire in the sky Smoke on the water They burned down the danbling house it […]

Lady Luck – Deep Purple

She was a juke-box dancer A blue eyed gypsy queen She always had an answer For what she’d done And where she’d been A feathercane Lady Midnight For all around to see She spoke with words of wisdom And this is what she said to me Lady luck C’mon give me what I want Pull […]

Razzle Dazzle – Deep Purple

I don’t know what day It is Someone’s falling on my head Get up get up We’re going out on the raz Razzle dazzle Call it what you want To me it don’t matter It’s where I belong It’s a matter of distinction A real fine line Between an orgy of destruction And a wonderful […]

Fire In The Basement – Deep Purple

I came ’round to your front door your back door was locked Pushed your button, rang your bell, you didn’t hear me knock I saw your window open wide, so I crawled inside I ran to the top floor, but you were on the ground I was on my way up and you were going […]

Rat Bat Blue – Deep Purple

When the lights go up on you? What’s your name, can I drive you home? Sweet woman, are you all alone? You’re the one for me I’m gonna keep you busy as a bee, could bee, could be Rat bat blue Now, get up woman, don’t be slow It’s getting late and I wanna go […]

Don’t Make Me Happy – Deep Purple

No sign of any message gone without a trace But I don’t want your pity, if that’s what you think I’ll take my comfort from this hole I’m sinking in Waste my time, drink my wine, take my money That’s alright, I don’t mind but don’t try to be funny Don’t make me good Don’t […]

The Purpendicular Waltz – Deep Purple

Take your choice That’s the way it is every time with these boys and you sense no shame and you feel no disgrace Somebody wins somebody loses It’s a dirty dirty race oh my life it’s a dog’s life One empty Monday out of the blue Took a good luck turn Started something new Out […]

Never A Word – Deep Purple

Passed between us, me and you Heard you found your pot of gold That’s the story I’ve been told Never a word was said in vain Some were never sad again Some were lost in lovers’ heat Some lay fallen at our feet All day all night You and only you All day all night […]

I Need Love – Deep Purple

I keep singing the same old song Like I did before When you left me You left me in darkness I’d never known before I was restless A fool for your time Waiting ’round for you to call But now I’ve found me An angel of mercy I don’t feel bad at all Your body […]

You Fool No One – Deep Purple

You fool no one, waiting to see if I’m gone. So hard to see you are taking your chances with me. If I find you with some other man you know what I’m gonna do. Better run if you see me comin’, ah. Soon you will fall, making mistakes like before. When you tell me […]

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