Hush – Deep Purple

I got a certan little girl she’s on my mind No doubt about it she looks so fine She’s the […]

Strangeways – Deep Purple

strange strange i was born into confusion my mother said to me when you become a man you’ll understand but […]

Hold On – Deep Purple

You’re sweeter than the morning When the sun is shining down on me There is nothing you can say That […]

Hey Cisco – Deep Purple

He’d have the little fat guy right along his side Echoing off the canyon, Hey Cisco from Pancho ‘n’ pretty […]

Holy Man – Deep Purple

Called to Madonna To give me a line She said boy what have you done Passing your time with a […]

Bananas – Deep Purple

I used my words up yesterday I’m just lying here in the sun Watching you guys having fun Seven days […]

Love child – Deep Purple

You can walk thro’ fire, Make the north wind blow Squeeze ‘n’ tease me honey When you shake your body […]

No No No – Deep Purple

Looking at them all I wanna be unborn again Their suit is getting tighter although they’re getting thin The flies […]

Fireball – Deep Purple

The magic in your eye bewitches all you gaze upon You stand up on your hill and be bop all […]

MISTREATED – Deep Purple

I’ve been struck downhearted, baby, I’ve been confused ’cause I know, yes, I know I’ve been mistreated. Since my baby […]

Drifter – Deep Purple

I was born a rambling man An’ I never got the chance To settle down an’ get a hold on […]

Wild dogs – Deep Purple

This baggage handcuffed to my wrists I drag it everywhere i go Sometimes i fight you with my fists But […]

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