The Return Of The Flesh – Defleshed

That’s a fatal need getting high on hyper-speed Obviously drifting away like today was tomorrow yesterday Getting myself in motion it’s boiling in my veins Like a high-octanic lotion Which in my body rains Returning with enormous power The flesh is mine to devour Forced to be wild like fire as the ambitions are getting […]

Farewell To The Flesh – Defleshed

as it was my call But what really bothers me it seem so small Is that the reason why it’s done with charm? Then all this is a lie to cause me harm But when it comes to pain I let it drain And with my blood I spell farewell to the flesh That’s another […]

Thorns Of A Black Rose – Defleshed

Hold you, unfold you, grow old with you, I need to see you, be you, me & you… That’s all I want That’s all I need I’d like to fly you, spy you, die with you Wear you, dare you, take care of you I think of meeting you, greeting you, eating you Hate you… […]

Feeding Fatal Fairies – Defleshed

and I am halfway there If that is all for sure – there is no cure And if I’m diehard to the core Then will I live forever more These are things that have occured that’s at leat what I have heard Time is spreading with the light rapidly to fight If that is all […]

Under The Blade – Defleshed

Starting to fade – under the blade Becoming my maid – under the blade I can never conquer your name and you will never be the same This time you’re loosing the game See the blade from under Waiting for the thunder It takes you away from here Dare to duell the guillotine the sharpest […]