Performer DEFTONES

My Own Summer – Deftones

Tell me when it’s over (?) Hey you, big mood (?) Guide me to shelter ’cause I’m through When the […]

Dai The Flu – Deftones

Fifteen stitches And a soft parody To make my eyes Be like deceit I believe the sting Proves heart to […]

Head Up – Deftones

Back off the forefront I never said or got to say bye to my boy But it’s often I try […]

Lotion – Deftones

But the style is crumbling Covered canned It was sick and no you don’t Even know how It comes shifts […]

Passenger – Deftones

Still unbreatheless – Maynard Just like always – Chino Still I want some more – Maynard Mirror’s sideways – Chino […]