Deicide – Deicide

I can strike the light and see through the truth
For I’m the Deicide, Dominus, what could you do
Thou has falled you now, once again and always will
On the cross, forgotten son, a sacrifice it had to be done

Died for me, well that’s too bad I don’t believe
Killed by sins of the evil what I am
Your destruction, reasons of a world in pain
Blind desciple, reasons of a world in pain
Blind discipte, you will never live again

Wage of death, course of life
Unsematic birth of he Deicide
Eyes of pain, pleads of death
As you’re put to rest

Three days to rise
If he lives again he is sure to die
I killed jesus
Just to see him bleed on his pulpis throne

Lyric Deicide – Deicide