Neanderthal – Demolition Hammer

Spawns a hybrid breed Through natural selection Neanderthal conceived Barreled chest and heavy limbed Bony ridge atop his skull Beetled […]

Envenomed – Demolition Hammer

Heinous recreant I protest Your wretched birth Exorcise your vile entity Blood-sucking leech Sycophant Parasitic rogue Implacability Dudgeon despiteful vendetta […]

Hydrophobia – Demolition Hammer

Roaming canine madness Incisors ripping painful force Viciously clamps down Rabid vector, fit of violence Unprovoked assault Bloodstained lethal quadruped […]

Aborticide – Demolition Hammer

Termination abominates Dead–a lifeless tumor Premature, suctioned through a uterine syringe Forcible cervical drainage Blood expelled from the womb Massive […]

Omnivore – Demolition Hammer

Shrouded in a veil of obscurity Tooth-studded jaws Omnivorous appetite Abrasive placed weaponry Decontorcicating Evokes excrutiating painful Injury from an […]