Performer DEMON

Genius? – Demon

If only they knew what we’re doing Who knows, we might have a chance If only they’d hear what I’m […]

The Plague – Demon

Begin the madness Tear down the sign Ideals and values They use to keep us in line Turn a blind […]

Soldier Of Fortune – Demon

Searching for gold on another man’s highway Fixing the price of another day’s pay Stalking the streets like a hired […]

War Games – Demon

Sound the early warning Now put on your mask Get behind the heat shield They got poison gas Missile knows […]

Total Possession – Demon

Total Possession. I think he’s possessed Total Possession. Don’t say a word, best left to himself now This needs a […]

Million $ Ride – Demon

I don’t want to talk to you And tell you silly lies But I’ve done things that’ll turn your head […]

Life On The Wire – Demon

Through the morning mist I hear the jungle drum Concrete hugs against the sky Like a needle searching for the […]

Heart Of Our Time – Demon

All around So much change is taking place Everywhere We’re moving in a different way All around You can feel […]

The Big Chance – Demon

I’m going out to blow some bread Soak up the sun, get out of dept I’m gonna see the world […]

The Life Brigade – Demon

There’s a kid down in the underground Waging psychedelic war While a call girl checks a guy’s credit card On […]

Out Of The Shadows – Demon

Wipe the tears from your eyes It’s time for leaving but not goodbye You don’t know what it’s like They […]

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