Demoniac Spell – Demoniac

Solo – Shred

Racing down the motorway,
I am a mean machine
Speeding like a bullet,
we are the wreaking team
Bang our heads to heavy
metal, thrashing through
the night
Beating up the faggots,
we are here to start a

If you don’t like our
metal then you’re a
fucking fool
Fucking loads of sluts
and drinking loads of
Studded wrists and bullet
belts its metal all the
If you’re not into metal
then you are fucking gay

Be prepared we’re as fast
as lightning
Motorhead and lots of
Lots of chains on the
walls in our chamber
Pumped up we’re full of
Playing metal as loud as
we can
All men fucking play it
on ten

We’re here to fight baby,
we are the ones
We’re into metal here are
our guns
We like the speed and the
fury from hell
Come play with fire
you’re under our spell
Come with me, one night
in hell
You will succumb the


We’re here to fight baby,
we are the ones

Lyric Demoniac Spell – Demoniac