Cairo Crabat – Depressive Age

flows Retron the moon milk drink Metamorphosis turns ravishing Liquid waves quard the bowl A star leads the Retron soul Cairo has focused countdown to 0 Airport please come 6481 Airport 6481 focus 1 Airport please come 6481 Airport 6481 focus 1 (to merge all holy lines) ‘Round the planes moves the Cairo Crabat as […]

Teenage Temples – Depressive Age

of the cold war parties to research the psycho base in the influence and cause they need free young slaves Teenage temples spread their wings fly to young men’s shore to send information vibes to let us know much more. This is the film where the children shoes burn where the windy hills of clothes […]

Electric Scum – Depressive Age

Walk through the sightseeing floor, the escalator was filled with lucky, light shining faces in a glittering mall which spot the label signs on, on the wall A blister infect is crawling out of the roofs, out of the brain soups and holds the white flag against the pain in the amount of business and […]

Toyland Hills – Depressive Age

and a sunny day to play We were the key kids in the T-block city part but where are they today? I cannot tell you things ’bout wild woods but ’bout the toy land hills to our local scrap place area where fancy ruled our skills Motors, bicycles, radios We gave the things new forms […]