Desolated By The Shinning – Dead Head

Sentenced by force of death
Obey the sacred One

The hybrids that once lived
Inside this world of death
The bleeding still goes on

R. I. P. tear up the corpse
Smashing the carrion
No piece of flesh will last

The sky is filled with blood
My heart belongs to God
A sin forgotten soul

Devoted to one god
And said it would be wrong
With nothingness inside

Fire red, we’ll burn the church
Flames rain from hell, restricted warn
We’ll tell ourselves we’re saved

Prophets beheaded birth
A strong desire, the suffering
We’ll tell ourselves we’re saved, burning

Conjuring, again in pain
Misery, into sight
Sanity, walk the earth
Come to Salem

Slay your kind, devil’s birth
Second day, church of God
Troops of death, attack the church
Come to Salem

Behold the sign, Lucifer
Join the dead, evil ghost

Lyric Desolated By The Shinning – Dead Head