Desolated Home – Dreadful Shadows

The last breath of grace and elegance is done
The dead are lugged away, but they won’t find their silence
The verges fade, another time has begun

A better time will come they say to reassure themselves
Another day will bring the light – but they are ignorant
In the cradle of their carelessness
Burning flesh, burning skin
Another raindrop burns their loathsome eyes.

The diaries are blank, they went too far
They can’t return to their desolated homes
No life anymore in the rooms of the girl who lived next door
Desolated home

I watched the houses burn, the trees were full of ashes
Just like snowflakes darken the sky
No better time will come they know
The truth becomes certainty
They won’t see the sun, they won’t feel the light – no more

The loss of insincerity

Lyric Desolated Home – Dreadful Shadows