Devil`S Horse – Desperados

I’m riding the devil’s horse The sinister curse has me in it’s spell Degraded scalps that adorn me so well And every time when your death glare meets mine A phantom is gazing through cynical eyes Bounded so faithful by spiritual beasts Scattering splendors of worshipping deeds No mercy will pump out the damned tears […]

The Dawn Of Dying – Desperados

Terrorizing aims get off the ground Fellows-hip by brotherhood in arms Despising law and order, got remand Their soul has slept in cold eclipse Roused by fighting spirit Following the promised way straight To the dawn of dying Dancing to the beat of the singing guns Another soul is passing by At the dawn of […]

My Gun And Me – Desperados

There are no bounds and the souls are free When rivers run backwards and the time stands still You’ll stand in my path than you will see All I need is just ten foot ground And no emotion can stop the sound Of aggressions that leave you alone to your blood Evocation of everlasting brotherhood… […]