Eternal Ban – Destruction

I’am looking differently I do whatever I please Exactly what I want to be I don’t fit into the general […]

Frustrated – Destruction

There’s only dirt everywhere Step with my feet in puddles of acid rain I cannot bear Running around in a […]

Tears Of Blood – Destruction

In the slaughterhouse of salvia they’re celebrating a big feast Collecting dead bodies became their only sick challenge The borders […]

Curse The Gods – Destruction

Whatever your god may be Forget those idols let me tell you They’re tales of morbid brains Everybody thinks he’s […]

Incriminated – Destruction

with the foundation of the hopeless empire of 1000 years Commanded by a ruler of cruelty a nation captivated by […]

Sed – Destruction

For a better solution – peaceful revolution Time has never been on your side Been taken out for a ride […]