Blizzard In My Blood – Desultary

our land. I see the work of your hand spreading across our land I know the changes, they are temporary waves and they’re never here to stay but hurry now cos patience just don’t live forever and I feel like 100 years today And when I die if I do. I’ve seen a hundred of […]

A Closing Eye – Desultary

Feel the loss of paradise, leave an empty heart Closing eyes will shut out, the warm light of a life Grip is fading slowly, for each day passing by The soul is bleeding from thorns inside Red blood is flowing in waves of tide Shades of lies are playing, on pale and stone cold face […]

Zone Traveller – Desultary

air they’re breathing there. I race with winds through time and space to catch the marks they are leaving. Raging screams from killing streets. Their toxic wounds are bleeding I drink your rain and sail your wave. The black gold’s in my face. A fire’s burning in my eyes. I’ve had enough of your ways […]

Cold Bitterness – Desultary

A hollow gaze in black Reflecting bitterness In sadness life is wrapped Eye’s veil conceal Our pain that roam inside Days gone forever The years has drowned in time Life flows away before my eyes Waiting for light, another day dies Searching a time Beneath the nameless days Echoes of weeks The void that builds […]

The Bitter Man – Desultary

care. Tear off my skin, look deep in my soul and I’ll show the scars I wear. I’m not crying, I’m not crying, I’m not the crying kind but you’re dying yeah you’re dying cos you’re the dying kind. And I’ve been to the end and I’ll take you there so don’t make me think […]

Visions – Desultary

The final call I hear Darkness falls eternally Inside embraced with fear A growing fear comes over me Scared of what I’ll find Darkest recollections Death intrudes my mind With open eyes I shall behold I’m not afraid to see What will I find, who will I meet What visions will I see Chaos sinks […]