Passed Away – Desultary

Your body will rot, start to decay No way to stop this repulsive destiny Maggots will devour what’s left of […]

Forever Gone – Desultary

Pain and sorrow, inside of me Resurrection, will never be No holy father, no holy son Can bring you back […]

Into Eternity – Desultary

Something like this, something I can’t believe Life slips away, I’m begging for it to stay Desperate to stay alive […]

Enslaved – Desultary

With a lie before your eyes Adapt and die In the endless maze of life Embedded in apathy See the […]

Mushroom Smile – Desultary

end what goes around comes around, here we go again yeah. Can’t you read the patterns, can’t you see the […]

Depression – Desultary

Emptiness fills my mind Loss of lifelust, loss of tears Veils of sorrow, end is near Loss of feelings, loss […]

Asleep – Desultary

Darkness is ruling Within my mind I feel I’m flying slowly A dream so real Alive and frightening A grotesque […]

Left Behind – Desultary

Spreading the years of grey Leaving our past behind Faces are turned away I watch you spread your wings With […]

Tears – Desultary

Burning my skin, down on their way Bitter tears Filled with dreams, they flow away I had it all Like […]

Winter – Desultary

And reveal to me The harmony that long was lost It sets my spirits free At last I feel, I […]

Bleeding – Desultary

See the truth reveal Turn away in helplessness Gaze upon the future Gaze into the black My bitter eyes reflects […]

Zone Traveller – Desultary

air they’re breathing there. I race with winds through time and space to catch the marks they are leaving. Raging […]

Cold Bitterness – Desultary

A hollow gaze in black Reflecting bitterness In sadness life is wrapped Eye’s veil conceal Our pain that roam inside […]

Visions – Desultary

The final call I hear Darkness falls eternally Inside embraced with fear A growing fear comes over me Scared of […]