Performer DEUS

Gimme The Heat – DEUS

No one could say: “Isn’t it all clear?” I’m blowing a phrase out in the open Out on the street, […]

Opening Night – DEUS

my dearest friends and family who so solemnly and nicely dressed come visit me, I must confess I feel like […]

Morticiachair – DEUS

Right there in front of the living room as an open invitation to strangers a cold machine might show Smiling […]

Memory Of A Festival – DEUS

We took those drugs I never thought I’d get into that pumpin’ stuff A thousand eyes won’t recognise us ‘Cause […]

Guilty Pleasures – DEUS

That’s a nice sound That’s what I call a nice sound} Wanting, missing, having, letting, knowing, forgetting, showing, climbing, falling, […]

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