Category: DEUS

A Shocking Lack Thereof – DEUS

That’s right I aim to please I’m acting like some kind of Victorian serf child I have considered the possibility of trading fluids On the platform of the underground station But I have watched and I have seen And I have counted all the passers-by Me and my friend here we have been engaged In […]

Fell Off The Floor, Man – DEUS

{You got to be your, you got to be your own dog, you know?} {You know what I’m talking about} {Let’s say yeah like a James Brown thing. YEAH} {You gotta go sniffin’ in your own turf} {Your own dog and let nobody please(???) on you} Rubbadub a tub fish (Ping pong) Sneakin’ in the […]

Memory Of A Festival – DEUS

We took those drugs I never thought I’d get into that pumpin’ stuff A thousand eyes won’t recognise us ‘Cause I know you and you know me that’s all you need and all I think of I know this ain’t nothing very deep but it’s good fun So don’t run into the crowd We got […]

Guilty Pleasures – DEUS

That’s a nice sound That’s what I call a nice sound} Wanting, missing, having, letting, knowing, forgetting, showing, climbing, falling, sucking, breathing, lying, loosing, missing, You make me feel Happy, clumsy, angry, rash, cripple, silly, little, smaller, taller, witty, hasty, sexy, weary, ugly You make me feel In there, neither, someone, several, all round, in […]

Right As Rain – DEUS

He was the same by name His only advice was that he died while I did a little dance From dust to dust the preacher sighted, I did a little cry On adjourn by name, last there at long It’s not favorably me, for not believing what I saw His only advice was that I […]

Little Arithmetics – DEUS

Black night, neonlight into my house Talking, talking, talking about Out of frustration over in doubt Hold me now, I’m hoping that you can explain Little arithmetics Got me down, they’re fooling me again and again Little arithmetics, little arithmetics Got me down Sometimes I feel like going down south (Sometimes I’m feeling alright) Sometimes […]