Devil`S Horse – Desperados

I’m riding the devil’s horse

The sinister curse has me in it’s spell
Degraded scalps that adorn me so well
And every time when your death glare meets mine
A phantom is gazing through cynical eyes
Bounded so faithful by spiritual beasts
Scattering splendors of worshipping deeds
No mercy will pump out the damned tears in me
Predominant signs bring just tragedy
To the perdition – that keeps me alive

Riding the devil’s horse
I’m riding the devil’s horse
The devil’s horse

It whispers to me with languishing lips
The evil is hunger and the fire I breathe
I know that there’re two ways for me to walk on
Within my rage under final command
And power was given to me by the sword
The day of my wrath who’ll be able to stand

Lyric Devil`S Horse – Desperados