Rosemary Had An Accident – Devil Wears Prada

tripping me with my own trust without your hood of falsification. your beuty is found to be nothing. nothing but true revulsion. and that’s the only true thing about you. this melody of my heart points to the composer of my regret. look north, the sun is still gleaming. and the moon and the stars […]

Modeify The Pronunciation – Devil Wears Prada

it’s too late. the whole wide world, is fearing the wrong things. falling down a cold staircase. and persistently i darken my shadow to cover up regret but the train tracks still lie straight. it’ll be the end of deception. vertical to the horizon. it’ll be the end of deception. this is the gun to […]

You Can’t Spell Crap Without ‘C’ – Devil Wears Prada

but this calling is strong, and denial is impossible. No measure of weight can justify what now presses into my chest. To the road, your freedom is awesome, but does it compare to the sweet embrace of my love? Our convictions engraved by her marvelous hands. My ears are upon the brink of detonation, and […]

Swords, Dragons And Diet Coke – Devil Wears Prada

you shattered it with my hope. it seems as if your selfishness has brought you down again. you’ll find what i found hard to take in all at once. trust me. you thought you had me fooled, but you wouldn’t last a day in my shoes. everything i gave to you i got nothing in […]

And The Sentence Trails Off – Devil Wears Prada

Sparkling misconception. Statement: “We’re the ones that aren’t afraid to die.” Ashes. After this battle we laugh at the thought of innocence. “Remorse!” I scream for. Pride roses platinum gold rubies. A transparent portrait. The grave widens and the masses are mindlessly marching to the necropolis. There is no mystery here. Nothing to grasp but […]