Skybound – Dew-Scented

Too Many Words Remain Yet Untold So Here I Am Achieving Godform And Instilling Decay Forget The Past Don? T Hide Your Feelings Away From Me Now Bow – Be – Forever Crawl For Redemption In Anguish Divine Surrender The Earth With The Dawn A New Strenght Will Rise Now Living Lies Of Denial In […]

Embraced By Sin – Dew-Scented

Stare At Me With Morbid Envy: The Enemy Divine Kisses My Vain In Misery “You`Ll Bleed Forever” Abduction Sublime Sharing The Shame To Fall Together Right Through The Nether A Working Mischief Consume My Decaying Dreams Embraced… As The Pain Grows On Search Reward In Desolation Embraced By Sin Out For Damnation The Darkest In […]

Idolized – Dew-Scented

In Anti-Meaning Infamy What An Addictive Enigma You Wish – You`Ll Get I See No Need To Follow Coz I Don`T Want Despite Save Your Courage For The Next Tragedy In Line I See The Verge Of The End Fall Rejoice In Idle Cycles Of Shame Don`T Turn Back – Don`T Talk To Me You […]