Little Heartwrecker – Dierks Bentley

Ocean full of tears won’t drown the pain Take all your whiskey, pour it down the drain Ain’t nothin’ gonna make you feel better Oooh, she’s a little heartwrecker Oooh, she’s a little heartwrecker You can beg, beg, beg like a dog Chase her ’round the world, but she’ll still be gone She did you […]

Pray – Dierks Bentley

Doesn’t mean that we were wrong We both fell in love so fast And now it’s gone And the hurt is strong Though we don’t see eye to eye And a wind’s begun to blow I’m gonna love you til I die And I want you to know Til they lay me low I’ll pray […]

Good Man Like Me (with the Del McCoury Band) – Dierks Bentley

Now that old car, it ain’t gonna last You ride around all day, I buy the gas The more I work, the more you spend Tell me honey baby when will this all end Chorus: Her bags are packed, my nerves are racked She’s got a one-way ticket, ain’t comin’ back Oh baby, baby Where […]

I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes – Dierks Bentley

So i can rest my head right here on your shoulder I just wanna lay here and feel you breathe Listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat And see where it leads… We’re wide awake but girl I wanna make you close your eyes And say my name like only you can say it and […]

Free And Easy Down The Road I Go – Dierks Bentley

Free and easy down the road I go Hangin’ memories on the high line poles Free and easy down the road I go Free and easy down the road I go Ragweed’s rockin’ on the radion Free and easy down the road I go So I keep rollin’ like an old banjo Free and easy […]

Gonna Get There Someday – Dierks Bentley

been doing alright in spite of myself just wish I could stop feeling bad when I pray But I know I’m gonna get there someday Got that job I was dreaming about sometimes its tough traveling around but who I wanna be still seems so far away but I know I’m gonna get there someday […]

Hope For Me Yet – Dierks Bentley

An open-road hard case a honky tonk lost cause The fate I’m lookin’ at there ain’t know way around A long and lonely path I’m destined to go down Chorus: Yeah there ain’t much of nothin’ in me Left to be saved but baby I bet If you could love somebody like me There might […]

The Heaven I’m Headed To – Dierks Bentley

And how it’s only for the precious few But in the book that I’ve been readin’ Sounds to me like there’s a lot of room So I bet some folks are gonna be surprised About who makes it to the other side ’cause in the Chorus: Heave I’m headed to There’s a place for preachers, […]

Every Mile A Memory – Dierks Bentley

Parkin’ lots, and billboards flyin’ by. Spanish mosques, little hick town squares; Wild roses on a river bank: girl its almost like you’re there Oh, every mile, a memory; every song, another scene, From some old movie going back in time you and me. Every day, a page turned down; every night, a lonesome sound, […]

So So Long – Dierks Bentley

Red handed, red handed You said you had to work tonight But here you are dancin’, slow dancin’ In this honky tonk with someone else And all you got to say for yourself is so…so? I’m sorry, so? Chorus: So, So long, bye bye baby I’ll catch you on the flip side maybe, don’t you […]

Life On The Run – Dierks Bentley

Least not the one my Daddy gave me I took off the way I came Moonlight reflecting off the chrome She didn’t want my story, so I didn’t have to lie If I loved her it was only for a night Living life on the run You can’t give your heart to no one Your […]

Long Trip Alone – Dierks Bentley

That lie along the road that we all must travel down So maybe you could walk with me a while And maybe I could rest beneath your smile Everybody stumbles sometimes and needs a hand to hold ‘Cause it’s a long trip alone It’s a short piece of time but just enough to find A […]

Lot Of Leavin Left To Do – Dierks Bentley

They ain’t covered yet There’s at least another million miles Under these old bus treads So if you think I’m gonnna settle down I’ve got news for you I still got a lot of leavin’ left to do And as long as there’s a song Left in this old guitar This life I’m bound to […]

Settle For A Slowdown – Dierks Bentley

in the middle of the road standing there in your rearview and getting soaked to the bone this land is flat as it is mean a man can see for a hundred miles So I’m still praying I might see the glow of a brake light. But your wheels just turn, down the road ahead […]

I Can’t Forget Her – Dierks Bentley

And I hear they’ve settled down somewhere out west Well I guess it’s for the best Here in Del Rio Nothin’ seems to change except the weather And I can’t forget her She goes runnin’ through my mind Like that Rio Grande river winds through the desert And I can’t forget her No, I can’t […]