Nocturnal Fear – Dimmu Borgir

Obscurity hides the plateau Stars darkened at their place Nanna’s glowing above Illuminates the silent scenery Seven they are-Yeziti’s Call […]

Puritania – Dimmu Borgir

Let chaos entwine on defenseless soil Remove errors of man and sweep all the weakening kind I am war, I […]

Entrance – Dimmu Borgir

onward unto another existence A trip far beyond all plesant dreams A voyage through desolation sights Inner transformation Subconcious flight […]

Stormblхst – Dimmu Borgir

I fuktig hшstvind ober landstrakte vidder Mot Sorias fjellheim Kommer jeg, en fandens ridder Glatt er runen pе det hшye […]

Reptile – Dimmu Borgir

Manifest of evil presence With entities swept in disease and decay A fall from paradise beyond redemption He who speaks […]

Sympozium – Dimmu Borgir

Chains of despair Cloaked by darkness The thundering echoes of great destruction to come Mankind’s mysteries The dying world (chorus:) […]

Dшdsferd – Dimmu Borgir

I mine slaer trer stillheten frem Faldne engler vokter mine porter I dшdsdalens шde skjшnnhet Har min sjel vandret vill […]

Spellbound – Dimmu Borgir

You have returned to the torture-chambers to find peace among the rotting corpses You have returned to the execution place […]

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