Communique – Dire Straits

It’s like a talking to the wall He’s saying to make No comment to make He’s saying nothing at all […]

News – Dire Straits

He take the road as it comes It take the shine off his shoes He says it’s a shame You […]

Les Boys – Dire Straits

Les boys are glad to be gay They’re not afraid now Disco bar in Germany Les boys are glad to […]

Heavy Fuel – Dire Straits

Worst hangover that I ever had It took six hamburgers and scotch all night Nicotine for breakfast just to put […]

The Bug – Dire Straits

One step forward and it’s back to go You’re standing on the throttle You’re standing on the brakes In the […]

My Parties – Dire Straits

I hate to start my parties late Here’s the party cart – ain’t that great? That ain’t the best part […]

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