Entranced – Disincarnate

Beckons to me with unseen fingers Forefathers haunt Calling to me from this dark charnel house Corrupted through lifelong seclusion […]

Deadspawn – Disincarnate

Communication with the dead Necroscopic transfer From the afterlife Drawn to the fields of mortality Beckoned by the restless souls […]

Soul Erosion – Disincarnate

Tortured by fear Viciousness breeding emptiness A sickness of the soul, emotions mummified Affliction of dementia, compassion nullified A weakened […]

In Sufferance – Disincarnate

Mysteries revealed, or are they lies? The ultimate truth remains unknown until you die Feeding the madness of uncertainty Fearful […]

Sea Of Tears – Disincarnate

Obsession’s punishment Resculpted Into deranged abstraction Infernal equinox Marks the time of configuration The nameless one Vasa Inquitatis His labyrinthine […]