Sea Of Tears – Disincarnate

Obsession’s punishment Resculpted Into deranged abstraction Infernal equinox Marks the time of configuration The nameless one Vasa Inquitatis His labyrinthine machinations Of blessed order shall prevail The heart of damnation quells The infection of chaos Sweet textures Of insane pleasures Sensations so unreal False punishment Glorious deception Born on a sea of tears Purified in […]

Stench Of Paradise Burning – Disincarnate

Evil lies revealed, it’s a presence undenied Crumbling morality infects the swarming race Flames of the unfettered, a fate beyond redemption Cleansing fire, all consuming Idyllic dream, lost in chaos Suffer Procession into darkness, descent to degradation Contemptuous of impurity, inferno of extinction Drowning in a sea of fire, the rapture of cremation Entranced by […]

Beyond The Flesh – Disincarnate

I’m mortified by my disease Terrified of my mortality But doomed to find what lies beyond My conscience reawakens As I shed my mortal shell Drifting in the memories Of a once embodied life Lost beyond the carnal realm Absorbed in desolation Trapped within this labyrinth Of faded recollection Deceased and yet my mind remains […]

Confine Of Shadows – Disincarnate

Insidious infection, festering in dreams Rising from the hidden shadows of decay In solitude and suffering, an eon of malignant incubation Unborn of silent fears and self delusion The anatomy of sorrow Soulless incarnation of disease Contagion of aberration The seed was once submerged Incessant torment Vile contemplation Of repulsive fantasies Causing imminent psychosis Horrific […]