Bleed For Me – Dismember

Wondering what’s inside A psychopath addicted to flesh Now I’m taking your life Hacking through your organs Constantly watching your eyes I gotta see in your mind What happens when you die Bleed for me Let me see you suffer Die for me I love to hear you scream Dreaming of a death so violent […]

Questionable Ethics – Dismember

You look at me with eyes filled with pain And I stare back with a promise of death I’ll rape your soul undeniably Join the others in my gallery Why bother question The need to kill Give in to pleasure And let blood spill Questionable ethics Crimson tides gushes forth As I cut your throat […]

Casket Garden – Dismember

Inherit the nigtmares-can’t put Them to sleep Rainstorm of chaos awaiting Release Speaking the truth- Considered a crime A world with murder on its mind Believe; be deceived – a wound Never closing We’re racing the rate – Humantity’s losing Under the gun of a hation Imploring Machine infected system Controlling In the casket carden […]

Afterimage – Dismember

on my way to carry it all out take on blowing the bitterness away contribute with my share of grief from being trapped in life become a prisoner in death if there was something else worth dying for I’d give myself A promise of blood in the air blow it up burn it down for […]

Case # Obscene – Dismember

Falter and grows weak Your sense of reality somewhat distorted Morbidity your sanity suffers In your escape from the truth Invoke surkai And amit your wrongdoing Cursed by the morals Of generations no longer needed Living your worthless lives By the faith written in blood I weep for your souls Until they’re dust and memories […]

Wardead – Dismember

Lieproducing, crime-saluting Humiliating, segregating Life-eating, gun-feeding Hypocrisy, society Warscene overcrowded Loss of civil liberties Life spilled like blood Misanthropical atrocities Warmachine is discipline Furiously killing clean He power addiction A lethal infiction Raped by bullets Innocent dead Evidence elimination Strategy spread Wrdwad though bloodshed Face-up, forgotten corpses

Mutual Animosity – Dismember

Premonitions sadistic murder visions My future is written in your blood Excruciating intoxicating Pain and pleasure mix as death unfolds I tear your soul apart Revel in your death Release you from agony Exhale your last breath Watch the gleaming blade as I raise it above my head And stab it in your racing heart […]

Misanthropic – Dismember

it has reigned supreme it’s running through our veins a primal legacy Deep within a blackened heart The surge of raw aggression rages deep inside unavoidable instinct waiting to be free live for vengeance revel in violence in the heat of conflict hatred takes control Embedded in our genes hate lay hidden blood is the […]

Beyond Good And Evil – Dismember

Through the ages from the dawn of man We always searched for deity Forming legends and twisted beliefs Paranoia and selfdeceit Sell your soul to the highest bidder Fooled by stories of life beyond Losing grip of reality You are living in a dream Beyond good and evil Is where you find the way Salvation […]

Sickening Art – Dismember

Blood is staining on my hands Deranged mind, rotting soul Homicidal need leads my way Warped lust, sickly obsessed Prepare yourself for the end Blood spurts from the wounds As I hack my way through your skull Crunching bones, screams of pain Violent death after hours of torture Bloody corpse put away A garden party […]

Hate Campaign – Dismember

I talked with God today He was feeling weak and depressed Overworked and stressed I gave him what he needed best Crying over his failed creation Could not bear the shame So I put a bullet through his brain To relieve him from his pain I met Allah today Insane leader to millions of men […]

Dismembered – Dismember

A carnal feast for our lord Feel your life float away As I revel in your blood Maggots crawl in your flesh Your life is ending here Terribly maiming your corpse Rotting pieces here and there The loss of your life is now a fact Dead, eternal hell, awaits Rotting soul now dies Innocent soul […]

And So Is Life – Dismember

Filling my sadened eyes From personal fears And all once told lies The anger inside Waiting for tomorrow Sinful suicide Wrapped in the cause of sorrow At the fiery gates With hate I resign Though I’ll be forever more Even the dead can die Marching on and on Experience the dismal fate Through the hellish […]