Fleshless – Dismember

Drifting alone By the realm of the living Eternal I have become I will never die I shall nourish the […]

Suicidal Revelations – Dismember

Shallow mind of a weakened kind Unavoidably falling behind Eyes open staring blind Unshaped never divine Climbing on others Scarred […]

Enslaved To Bitterness – Dismember

Uncontrollable death desire Rules your darkened world Ensnared in bitterness And self inflicted misery Reality comes crashing in Through your […]

Skinfather – Dismember

Ruined by the hands of lies Your daylight is already dusk Feel the dead inside alive Feeding an invincible master […]

Sorrowfilled – Dismember

Has been fouled With the dust On countless innocent dead Ornamented extinction Of a soon-to-be soul Stripped naked I run […]

Bleed For Me – Dismember

Wondering what’s inside A psychopath addicted to flesh Now I’m taking your life Hacking through your organs Constantly watching your […]

Casket Garden – Dismember

Inherit the nigtmares-can’t put Them to sleep Rainstorm of chaos awaiting Release Speaking the truth- Considered a crime A world […]

Afterimage – Dismember

on my way to carry it all out take on blowing the bitterness away contribute with my share of grief […]

Case # Obscene – Dismember

Falter and grows weak Your sense of reality somewhat distorted Morbidity your sanity suffers In your escape from the truth […]

Wardead – Dismember

Lieproducing, crime-saluting Humiliating, segregating Life-eating, gun-feeding Hypocrisy, society Warscene overcrowded Loss of civil liberties Life spilled like blood Misanthropical atrocities […]

Mutual Animosity – Dismember

Premonitions sadistic murder visions My future is written in your blood Excruciating intoxicating Pain and pleasure mix as death unfolds […]

Misanthropic – Dismember

it has reigned supreme it’s running through our veins a primal legacy Deep within a blackened heart The surge of […]

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