Divine Blasphemies – Desaster

Divine am I!?
Demonic powers end all life
I Crush and slay the holy lambs
as spitting purest pestilence

The vision’s clear, my mission’s done
Fear my greed for hunt and sacrifice
The feeble and the false one day
Torn apart in endless pray

DIVINE BLASPHEMIES – King myself in league with Satan
DIVINE BLASPHEMIES – Lead those sheep to their maker
DIVINE BLASPHEMIES – Devastate the flesh of weak
Attack the halls of heavens, and curse them endlessly!

Flames of wrath to heavens high
To end this damned eternal life
Our legions proud in ecstasy
A plague of death just brought from thee

Rape the bastard breed of gods!

It’s angel’s blood refreshing us
And sinner’s flesh condemned to dust
With iron fist we are marching on
In vengeance and with fate that strong

Lyric Divine Blasphemies – Desaster