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Who’s The King? – Dog Eat Dog

You’re like the King of Rock & Roll Filled with a soul and all fucked up on Demerol Like the King you’re only headed for the ground Your own Graceland, Your body never found I smell a rat up the back But no a former champion The hardest man alive’s in an Indiana prison What […]

Funnel King – Dog Eat Dog

Weekend has caught up with you Lie in bed hold your head Pray to god you ain’t dead Alarm clock rings out like a bell Start this day a living hell Take a breath and what’s that smell? Well it smells like shit… but you can’t tell Just like you – always there Just like […]

No Fronts – Dog Eat Dog

No guns just blunts we kick this just for fun We come with the fat joints To uplift the moods Big up to people catchin’ on this groove This is Dog Eat Dog not a snitch or a snoop I might chew a bone but don’t call me pooch We’re not braggin – No Are […]

Rocky – Dog Eat Dog

Still too young and immature You always seem to hang around When you’re not wanted you’re always found Why do you embarrass me So everyone can see Us duke it out on live TV Hey Rocky I hate to say I wish you would just go away Don’t come back another day OK What did […]