Don’t Chain My Heart – Toto

I thought I knew you, but now I know you well
I wake up beside you, move across your killing floor
I need my freedom and I see an open door
The room is getting smaller and the walls are closin’ in
No one’s leavin’ and nobody’s gettin’ in

I try to run, I try to hide, I try to tell you what I’m feelin’ inside
Should I stay, should I go
You know I wanna touch you, but there’s nothing left to hold

Don’t chain my heart (don’t chain my heart)
Don’t chain my soul (don’t chain my soul)
Don’t chain my heart (don’t chain my heart), ’cause you got to let it go

Looks like trouble, the signs are everywhere
I bend a little but you take more than your share
Crimes of passion, crimes of mortal men
It’s a deadly attraction and I won’t be fooled again, baby
The storm is coming, the winds begin to rise
Please release me from this house of compromise

All day, all night, your love is like an outlaw waiting till the time is right
Nobody’s wrong, no one’s to blame
Maybe it’s just too hot because we’re standin’ in the flame


I’m a victim of your pain and jealousy
I feel like a prisoner and you hold the lock and key
We lost our vision, we lost our paradise
But there’s still a part of me I refuse to sacrifice

(Instrumental break)

Lyric Don’t Chain My Heart – Toto