Don’t Ever Change – Total

How many times have you seen me looking so happy,
You’ll never understand.
In time you’ll see how much you mean to me,
Let’s not ever change, hear me wait and see.
You, you seem to be the perfect man for me,
You have a way about you, yeah-yeah.
That let’s me know, you’re the only one I want and need,
Please don’t ever change, stay the same.

Don’t ever change the way,
The way you feel today,
Don’t ever take your love away,
If you love me, if you love me.

Verse Two:
Do you really know how you make me feel,
Whenever you’re here, hey-hey.
I gotta let you know, any time you need me,
All you gotta do is call, I’ll be around.

Repeat Chorus to fade

Oh baby, I’ll be around to pick you up,
When you’re feeling down,
If you love me.

Shooby doo-wop, shoo-doo-wop, I wanna love you,
Oh boy I wanna love you now.
Shooby doo-wop, shoo-doo-wop, I wanna love you,

Lyric Don’t Ever Change – Total