Don’t You – Jesse McCartney

Thinking about you always
And I don’t
Want it to be different
By the way
Liking it where I’m standing
And I won’t
Move unless you force me to
Something about you changes
It’s a show
Living for the moment
If I may
I wanna be there to see you
But I know
You’re keeping me here for fun

Don’t you leave me
I could never let you go
Don’t you leave me
Don’t you go

You’re a dream
Floating around in nowhere
Let me sleep
Thinking about your face
The way it seems
I’m swimming around your Ocean,
I’m in deep
Baby, don’t wake me up


I’m not afraid
Baby can’t push me over
Oh I say
Gonna keep on trying
Got it made
I’m thinking about you always
Ain’t no way
You are walking out on me

Lyric Don’t You – Jesse McCartney