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Land Ho! – Doors

Who sailed the frozen sea Grand-pa was a whaler And he took me on his knee He said, “Son, I’m […]

Hyacinth House – Doors

What are they doing in the Hyacinth House? To please the lions in this day I need a brand new […]

Back Door Man – Doors

C’mon, yeah Yeah, c’mon, yeah Yeah, c’mon Oh, yeah, ma Yeah, I’m a back door man I’m a back door […]

My Wild Love – Doors

She rode all the day; She rode to the devil, And asked him to pay The devil was wiser It’s […]

L’America – Doors

I took a trip down to L’America To trade some beads for a pint of gold I took a trip […]

Easy Ride – Doors

And I know it will be Easy Ride O. K. The mask that you wore my fingers would explore Costume […]

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