Double Zero – Flotsam And Jetsam

Who knows how transmissions came
I’ve got the license a bag of passports
Even I don’t know who I am
Howling bullets fly by so often
I can hear them buzz
I’ve lived in deserts, I’ve warred on cities
I don’t even know where I was

Remember Israel and Korea
Kuwait’s the best time I ever had
Had an accomplice who knew of nothing
I killed the best friend I had
Can’t be too careful, can’t use computers
They’re gonna catch my disease
I work alone don’t trust my own mother
Scratched out like ticks and fleas

Dial double zero
Call me whenever you have got a war
Home’s where the guns are
My bed’s the ammo and no one comes to my door
Dial double zero
Wherever you start a war

More of me going than I’ve got coming
They’ll squeeze my blood through the skin
I shouldn’t have wasted my education
The fucking trouble I’m in
I’ve got your had on, I’ve got your suitcase

Lyric Double Zero – Flotsam And Jetsam