Drag Him To The Roof – Toto

A cathode glaze across their eyes
Now that I’ve been betrayed
I must be well behaved…
I’ll drink corruption with their lies.

Why was I hiding out?
What am I running from?
Why are they waiting?
Have I always been the choosen one?

Drag him to the roof
Just push me over
I’ve got no better place to be
Drag hime to the roof
Let’s get it over…
It’s a perfect day to punish me.

I wish that lady would defend me
I can’t abide by all the laws
I’ll buy the magistrate, can’t be a second late…
I anxiously await his call.

Who made this jigsaw puzzle?
Who’ll put the pieces back?
Who’ll come and get me when I have fallen through the cracks?

Lyric Drag Him To The Roof – Toto