Dragonstorms – Covenant

Again destruction walks my path as I battle for the night
Blackwinds come and lift my dragonwings into the sky
Carry me across domains, towards the night I fly
I spread my wings across the fields, forever growing cold
Lightning fills my heart like myths had once foretold
I prowl the woods for living blood, the reaper of the light
Again destruction walks my path, I conquer for the night

The dragonstorms flew away the starwinds…
Towards the realm of nights… into the dark where dragons ride…
Come forth thou glorious night, embrace me in your triumphant grasp
I crave for darkness… I crave for the dragonstorms to come again

My eyes they gleam with victory under the blackening sun
Through the clouds I storm with pride, the battle has been won
Cravens of the light they flee as dragons ride again
Evil dominates the world… as I am unchained
See the firedragons they ride as fogwinds of decay…

Lyric Dragonstorms – Covenant