Fall – Dreadful Shadows

Your eyes are closed and on your face a smile No trace of sorrows and your suffering You’re looking more […]

Dusk – Dreadful Shadows

Far away from here, like a ship into the void The birds lapse into their last song The final sounds […]

Chains – Dreadful Shadows

But my limbs don’t react. I’ve lost control I’m so frail but I’m reaching the door And I lean against, […]

New Day – Dreadful Shadows

I walk along an endless path, it’s the same as yesterday Nothing’s changed and nothing’s evolved anywhere Too many voices […]

Exile – Dreadful Shadows

Contradiction in my thoughts is the barrier of my life I cannot jump that nigh to overcome Too many hidden […]

Craving – Dreadful Shadows

It collapsed above my head A cyclone sweeps me away And avalanches plunge A craving for delight – no remembrance […]

Futility – Dreadful Shadows

Breaking wood beneath my feet I am standing on a fragile bridge The abyss is indescribably deep Only ledges could […]