Paradise – Dreadful Shadows

I don’t feel the cold anymore Everything I start, ends in desperation For how long I tried to reach the shore. But now I fall, deep into the ocean Go on, your way never ends I won’t light the stars, I shroud you in my darkness Welcome to my own paradize. The trees reveal the […]

Burning The Shrouds – Dreadful Shadows

For the darkening of every light, suffocation of every cry Bells of death started to play Depreciation of time, the explanation of lies Drowning words can’t promise delight The years of secrecy are gone Trembling hands call for a Lord The inversion of time, the realization of lies Burning the shrouds Of your illuminated souls […]

The Drowning Sun – Dreadful Shadows

The pipes are leaking, it’s dripping onto my ragged bed Minutes seem to be days and days are years, so what am I waiting for? Too many things have changed, too many words have lost their sense The days will be mine when rivers rise But now I’m stumbling on the edge of our life […]

Funeral Procession – Dreadful Shadows

The long track to this holy place starts now The bright moon shines above the trees I don’t feel well,’cos it’s me who dies There’s a funeral procession There’s a funeral procession in my mind This is my funeral procession There’s a funeral procession in my mind Now I’m there and I see these happy […]