Dreamland – Bette Midler

There’s a place way up high,
Starry bright there, through the night there.
Close your eyes. let your wishes fly.
You’ll be in dreamland by and by.

Dimpled and drowsy, off you go,
Over the treetops, sliding down a rainbow.
Sleepyhead, curl up in your bed.
And ’til the sun says, “rise and shine,”
Sleep warm in dreamland, baby mine.

There’s a place worlds away,
Time has wings there, green with springs there.
Smiles and songs bloom on every tree.
Only in dreamland, just wait and see.

Deep down inside us, a child’s still there,
Wishing for dreamland, kowing that it’s somewhere.
Though it may seem so far away,
If you believe that dreams come true,
You’ll find a dreamland waiting for you.
“go to sleep now, dear.”

Lyric Dreamland – Bette Midler