Modern Moonlight – Dresden Dolls

Coke and Pepsi finally found a compromise How can they complain that we’re all fucked up kids When they keep on changing who our mother is? Like it all you want it’s fruitless Night is in the way of progress Retinas are bleeding for the enterprise Surgically wired into paradise Yesterday I dropped in at […]

Sing – Dresden Dolls

Back in the day it just went without saying at all All the world’s history gradually dying of shock There is thing that’s like talking except you don’t talk You sing You sing Sing for the bartender sing for the janitor sing Sing for the cameras sing for the animals sing Sing for the children […]

Mrs. O – Dresden Dolls

Will you tell us where the naughty children go Will you show How the sky turned white and everybody froze Heaven knows How they got into the fireplace But everybody’s saying grace And trying to keep a happy face And Oh Mrs. O Can you teach us How to keep from getting cold Out we […]

Backstabber – Dresden Dolls

So thank you for all your help I know you want to jump around But try to contain yourself You always struck me as the type to take it lightly But now you’re gonna have to shut your mouth and fight me Oh backstabber Backstabber You’re all alone You’re all over the popular magazines Will […]

Mandy Goes To Med School – Dresden Dolls

Pretty as a picture of a patient on a fresh iv Giddy as a gangbanger with a set of sutures where his magic johnson ought to be Yes i’ll tell you just the thing you need to be the next big thing Let’s start in with a test of your intelligence And zest for the […]