Drifted – Symphorce

so close, you ride side by side
into the temple of light into violence
over, and blinded by the white
You close your eyes
thy freedom rise
in different directions, in one life
One star to fall, behind the wall
after the curtain falls
Over the seas, over boundaries
over the martyr of sin
so what’s the score, what did I take the trouble for
how can they give me anymore
Now taught by your state
trapped by your fate
it’s do it or die, I can try
tell me who’s to blame
moth to the flame
swollowed now up my soul
time passed my way
worn fools that pray
drifted away
your laughter stays
through my dismay
drifted away
Hearing you talk is like silence
Turning around to an empty space
Now locked in castes with rooms full of crimson

Lyric Drifted – Symphorce