Dry Your Tears – Demolition

I See You Everywhere
You Try To Get Something From Me
Believe Me I Don’T Care

The Picture Of Your Sadness
Hangs On Every Place
You Stare At Me With Dark Brown Eyes
The Hunger In Your Face

No Escape For Me
You Show Me Your Fears
The Pain In Your Eyes
But I Can’T Dry Your Tears

Your Busted Belly Makes Me Sick
You Can’T Stand On Your Feet
And Dream About A Slice Of Bread
While I Puke What I Eat

Don’T Disturb Me With Your Cries
We Abhor What We See
I Close My Eyes, I Close My Ears
Go Away From Me

No Escape For…..

We Live To Earn More Money
This Is What We Need
Don’T Trust In Humanity
Cause Your Race Has To Bleed

Lyric Dry Your Tears – Demolition