Autumn Wore A Crown – Dungeonbat

we thrust our hands in search of hope – white knuckles shift and turn the dust – to bleed the answers from the soil – and when we pass along our yesterdays – to the hands and hearts of those to come – have we to offer but a memory – have we to offer […]

The Name Of The Machine – Dungeonbat

corridors of static impulse fuel the forge – vast reserves of hunger never satisfied – in ecstasy we sate our thirst on white noise – renewal of mankind impends – we cast off the weight of our flesh – adrift in the ocean of light – selfless and satisfied – cast off the weight of […]

Dissecting Eden – Dungeonbat

demonic laughter resounds – in cruel comfort – the candle breathes its last – no shades of sorrow – no parting graces – a grim enclosure of – antagonizing memory – no one must crawl behind these eyes again – no one must crawl inside to snake this spine – no one must crawl behind […]