Crystal Ship – Duran Duran

I’d like to have another kiss Another flashing chance at bliss Another kiss, another kiss The days are bright and filled with pain Enclose me in your gentle rain The time you ran was too insane We’ll meet again, we’ll meet again So tell me where your freedom lies The streets are fields that never […]

Runway Runaway – Duran Duran

She’s careful not to wake her sister Knowing that she will be missed It feels a little bad, girl On the corner, engine runnin’ Taxi driver sees her comin’ Chilly in the morning sun She seems a little sad Say goodbye She’s not afraid of leaving No one by her side, nothing to hang on […]

Shadows On Your Side – Duran Duran

They want you to speak but the music is louder than All of their roar with the heat of the planet’s core-but [CHORUS] The shadows are on your side As soon as the lights go down In the darkest place you can find You belong to the hands of the night Promises made with a […]

Union Of The Snake – Duran Duran

I knew this was a big mistake There’sa fine line drawing My senses together And I think it’s about to break If I listen close I can hear them singers Voices in your body coming through on the radio The Union of the Snake is on the climb Moving up it’s gonna race it’s gonna […]

Winter Marches On – Duran Duran

She drains emotion To drink from her breast of fortune. Dreams have frozen crystal in the morning. Birth time rose; A thorn for coronation. All arise from your rest. We will find enough there to feed you. Soon you’ll belong to the blest. Spare us your lives while we need you. Loud is the music […]

Hold Back The Rain – Duran Duran

Yes we’re miles away from nowhere and the wind doesn’t have a name So call it what you want to call it still blows down the lane People tell me I haven’t changed at all but I don’t feel the same And I’ve bet you’ve had that feeling too you can’t laugh all the time […]

My Own Way – Duran Duran

Fear of flying no not me I’m never bothered what you say someone’s kid just lives for today It ain’t your problem anyway Cause I’ve got my own way, I can find my own way, cause I’ve got my own way Cause I’ve got my own way, I can find my own way, cause I’ve […]

Leave A Light On – Duran Duran

I’m out on the dunes Looking for a token, something to prove All I remember is more than a flame In my fantasy, fire Whatever I’ve done to receive Whatever I need to redeem Whatever you say Even if I wait a lifetime I know, I swear If you leave a light on, if you […]

Vertigo (Do The Demolition) – Duran Duran

Twist it in a vice Nobody said it was easy. Just use your naked eyes, oh. How to see and how to hide it. How to save it. Well, maybe. Maybe. Maybe. You can take it and eat it, and chew your life supply. Where’s the real life in your illusion? On the dark side […]

Falling Down – Duran Duran

He thought nothing could touch him But here and now it’s a different storyline Like the straw he is clutching Why has the sky turned grey Hard to my face and cold on my shoulder And why has my life gone astray Scarred by disgrace, I know that its over Because I’m falling down With […]

Is There Something I Should Know? – Duran Duran

Please please tell me now, please please tell me now I made a break I run out yesterday tried to find my mountain hideaway Maybe next year maybe no go I know you’re watching me every minute of the day yeah I’ve seen the signs and the looks and the pictures that give your game […]

My Antarctica – Duran Duran

But that was just another trick of fate Playing with my life There have been some times I was so tied up And I said to myself Gotta break it all But didn’t really try Two hearts beating in this place you’ve made You know nothing changes my Antarctica You can make your rhymes And […]

Who Do You Think You Are – Duran Duran

Your domination’s through You gave the best you’ve got Now I’m out on top If you’re in any doubt Listen to me I’ve got a right to say If you know what it’s all about Who do you think you are? Don’t want to be your enemy If I’m not the one you want me […]

Success – Duran Duran

Over my hill Here comes success Here comes my car Here comes my Chinese rug Here comes success Yeow! In the last ditch I’ll think of you In the last ditch I will be true Sweetheart, I’m telling you Here comes the zoo Here comes success Hoo-ray success Oh oh success Hoo-rah success Oh Oh […]

The Valley – Duran Duran

In the stream with everyone Is a moment of our lives On a wandering river Going on together Many journeys to arrive I’ve been walking Through the valley Through the tall grass And the shadows And I feel it I can see it Yes I need it I believe it Through the city And the […]

I Take The Dice – Duran Duran

Feel the magical lash of the roll and the crash in their lives Headline in tomorrow’s papers Kill that light it’s so bright And you’re shining it right in my eyes [CHORUS] Show me your secret and tell me your name Catch me with your fizzy smile Try to remember again and again What it […]

Violence Of Summer (Love’s Taking Over) – Duran Duran

This’ll get you out of your head China’s hangin’ out by the railings Of the motorshed She goes with a real hit biker He’s a metalhead She looks me up and down Talkin’ dirty eyes Sweet sayin’ boy baby I could lick ya any time Keep it up That’s right…here we go again Bit later […]

Dirty Great Monster – Duran Duran

In this house We pretend that it’s not there And there’s no escape From It’s grip But nobody seems to care Do you ever wonder About the days When we were straight But daddy got the hunger So much to hide We learn to lie So watch yourself In the hall Where you’re not supposed […]

New Moon On Monday – Duran Duran

With your dance on the eventide You got me coming up with answers All of which I deny I said it again Could I please rephrase it Maybe I can catch a ride I couldn’t really put it much plainer But I’ll wait till you decide Send me your warning siren As if I could […]

None Of The Above – Duran Duran

Realize I never need to use no one When it comes down to my soul Freedom puts my faith in none of the above There was a time I was so afraid Of everything people around me said That I wanted to hide my face in the shadows There was a time on a bed […]

Mediterranea – Duran Duran

A jet trail following The wish that I was on the plane On my way to some out destination Undiscovered never mentioned Sipping on the high of expectation I awaken to the shade Maybe it’s the rain of town One you wanted to leave behind When the winter’s on the ground If you ever wonder […]

Zoom In – Duran Duran

Stood on the line You understand I’ve been waiting forever Come rain come shine In the wind in the snow In the filty weather You’ve got it all worked out Ya but it knocks you out But I’m zooming in Now she arrives In a flaming crash Like a falling star Heading straight for the […]

Box Full O’ Honey – Duran Duran

At the sharp end of the view The edge of me and you And all good sense had tread no further And as the ghost will shiver trees How I’m trembling on my knees But I’m still drawn on by the murmur Are you laughing at me now In my circumstance When still I wear […]

Taste The Summer – Duran Duran

Doo doo doo, doo doo doo Doo doo doo doobeedoo Doo doo doo, doo doo doo Doo doo doo doobeedoo Doo doo doo, doo doo doo (Taste the summer, you can taste the summer) Can you, can you taste the summer? I do, I find it in your mouth Now if I have a weakness […]

Proposition – Duran Duran

Spare me the price of freedom. Cold is my baby’s head, Blown by the wind of reason. Even the rage behind Cries out to see We’re still standing Under the closing edge. Pay for the crime of feeling. When all your pride is dead You must be scared instead. [CHORUS] A quiet word is my […]

Skin Trade – Duran Duran

She’s working all through the night. A jump into the deep end gave her The evidence she required. Takes five; she’s got pearls. Don’t fake it when it comes to making money. So she smiles. But that’s cruel. If you know what she thinks If you knew what she was after. Sometimes she wonders, And […]

Safe (In The Heat Of The Moment) (feat. Ana Matronic) – Duran Duran

How ’bout you and me get down? How ’bout you and me get down? Babe, I know you’ve been around Unmake your bed Don’t think about what lies ahead Don’t you want to be misled? Don’t you want to be misled? Fame seems a far-off day When enough was never enough Vain, how I played […]

Skin Divers – Duran Duran

Waiting for the fall Meet me at the cornershop I’ll show you it all Free you of your mind Something you wont find In the west-end pages with your google dirty fingers It’s a skin dive In deep silence we are Going underwater It’s a lifeline Teardrop, bullets, all night Dip into the water [Rap:] […]

Last Man Standing – Duran Duran

As the howling dimmed the fighting dies away when the hanging dust is clearing from the air you can just make out a lonely figure there He’s the last man standing on the track He does not look down He does not look back He’s the last man standing on the track You can’t hold […]

Last Man Standing – Duran Duran

As the howling dimmed the fighting dies away when the hanging dust is clearing from the air you can just make out a lonely figure there He’s the last man standing on the track He does not look down He does not look back He’s the last man standing on the track You can’t hold […]

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