Sheltering – Dying Breed

Internal cries that never die They grant the suffering you mute the screams That fleeting moment’s everything A time i […]

Bound – Dying Breed

Now comes the consequence The love for life has died fear plagues The innocence the tears you bled were lies […]

Carved – Dying Breed

Masked Who wears the title Death masks anonymous As breathing stops within this concrete holocaust Carved inside Carved inside Carved […]

Erosion – Dying Breed

Stature Inside Erodes Another fucking scarring Untold Punished Grovel Untold Listless prime Flooding Baseline regrets A vow you’ll never slice […]

LaLiberty – Dying Breed

A happy prison term Those days were numbered Forget now Feed me nubbies, motherfucker Into the empty fold Feed me […]

Steelwool – Dying Breed

Steelwool rubdown Scoured down revealing You’re the source peeled off civility a reliance… on abuse roots exposed violence expelled upgrade […]