We Are Your Enemy – Dying Fetus

A cancer on this lifeless carcass called the world not one left in peace, a policy of mandatory greed eats its way across this nation built on lies we are all just post-modern slaves who don’t give a fuck as long as money is made buy-sell-believe these three words are just what you need at […]

Procreate The Malformed – Dying Fetus

is all it had to take now we can’t resist the world’s too full its time to bring it back and turn this shit around it’s the last rebellion, we are gonna take the rich and hang em up so fucking high its justified genocide raised in greed they swallow up our lives in a […]

Killing On Adrenaline – Dying Fetus

Is pulverized and turned to shit So all that’s left when he is gone Is skin and blood and pulp and bone This fucker thought that he could try And fuck with me, no reason why, So now he got what he deserved A coffin with his grave reserved Where has all the common sense […]

Fornication Terrorists – Dying Fetus

An absence of free will is all we ever face, Overcome by chemicals of lust inside the brain We don’t need an answer, just someone to blame, A plague of human weakness spreads across a dying race, In search of human meat, just a little taste, Animals with no remorse who seek to penetrate, Mo […]