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Best Of My Love – Eagles

holdin’ you close in my dreams, thinkin’ about all the things that we said and comin’ apart at the seams. We try to talk it over but the words come out too rough. I know you were tryin’ to give me the best of your love. Beautiful faces and loud empty places, look at the […]

Desperado – Eagles

You been out ridin’ fences for so long now Oh you’re a hard one I know that you got your reasons These things that are pleasin’ you Can hurt you somehow Don’ you draw the queen of diamonds boy She’ll beat you if she’s able You know the queen of hearts is always your best […]

Twenty – One – Eagles

I know what freedom means to me And I can’t give the reason why I should ever want to die Got no cause to be afraid Or fear that life will ever fade ’cause as I watch the rising sun I know that we have just begun I might spend my life upon the road […]

In The City – Eagles

Out beyond the neon lights I know there must be somethin’ better But there’s nowhere else in sight It’s survival in the city When you live from day to day City streets don’t have much pity When you’re down, that’s where you’ll stay In the city, oh, oh. In the city I was born here […]

Frail Grasp On The Big Picture – Eagles

That our short little memories Never seem to learn The message of history We keep makin’ the same mistakes Over and over and over and over again And then we wonder why We’re in the shape we’re in Good ol’ boys down at the bar Peanuts and politics They think they know it all They […]

The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks – Eagles

And the band was playin’ rhythm and blues You got down and did the gator, and half An hour later, you were barfin’ all over your Girlfriend’s shoes. But the greeks don’t want no freaks. The greeks don’t want no freaks Just put a little smile on them rosy Cheeks, ’cause the greeks don’t want […]

Outlaw Man – Eagles

The highway is my legacy On the highway I will run In one hand I’ve a bible In the other I’ve got a gun Well, don’ you know me I’m the man who won Woman don’t try to love me Don’t try to understand A life upon the road is the life of an outlaw […]

Fast Company – Eagles

Now, what’s the rush? You listen here No, you just hush I know what you think That man don’t know anything But I’ve been around a while I know what’s happening Everybody wanna check you out Everybody wanna be your friend And all this pressure Where do I fit in? They don’t know nothin’ you […]

Life’s Been Good – Eagles

(j. walsh) I have a mansion forget the price Ain’t never been there they tell me it’s nice I live in hotels tear out the walls I have accountants pay for it all They say I’m crazy but I have a good time (everybody say oh, yeah…..oh, yeah) I’m just looking for clues at the […]

One Of These Nights – Eagles

One of these crazy old nights We’re gonna find out Pretty mama What turns on your lights The full moon is calling The fever is high And the wicked wind whispers And moans You got your demons You got desires Well, I got a few of my own Oo, someone to be kind to in […]

New Kid In Town – Eagles

Great expectations, everybodys watching you. People you meet they all seem to know you, Even your old friends treat you like youre something new. Johnny-come-lately, the new kid in town, Everybody loves you, so dont let them down. You look in her eyes, the music begins to play. Hopeless romantics, here we go again. But […]

Out Of Control – Eagles

With the stars all shinin’ down Well, I can hear the night wind howlin’ It’s a high and lonesome sound And I ain’t had a woman in so long I can’t feed my starvin soul Come on, saddle up, boys, we’re gonna ride into town We’re gonna get a little out of control There’s a […]

Center Of The Universe – Eagles

Hoping you can see me through this veil of tears Somehow I’ve got to make you understand Ah, don’t you know me after all these years? Oh, love, I hate to disappoint you But there’s something you should know This is not the center of the universe That’s alright with me This is not the […]

Heartache Tonight – Eagles

Before the night is through Somebody’s gonna come undone. There’s nothin’ we can do. Everybody wants to touch somebody If it takes all night. Everybody wants to take a little chance, Make it come out right. There’s gonna be a heartache tonight, A heartache tonight, I know. There’s gonna be a heartache tonight, I know. […]

Long Road Out Of Eden – Eagles

Shadows moving on the sand Somebody whispering the twenty-third Psalm Dusty rifle in his trembling hands Somebody trying just to stay alive He got promises to keep Over the ocean in America Far away and fast asleep. Silent stars blinking in the blackness of an endless sky Cold silver satellites, ghostly caravans passing by Galaxies […]

Please Come Home For Christmas – Eagles

Oh what a Christmas to have the blues My baby’s gone I have no friends To wish me greetings once again Choirs will be singing “Silent Night” Christmas carols by candlelight Please come home for Christmas Please come home for Christmas If not for Christmas by New Years night Friends and relations send salutations Sure […]

Somebody – Eagles

You know you had it coming ’cause you played so rough Back over your shoulder got an icy chill Man, you thought you’d get away with it Now you know you never will Somebody, somebody You got a feelin’ somebody’s following you No one knows ’bout the times you had You’ve been so evil; you […]

Teenage Jail – Eagles

You can’t make the time go You don’t even know why you’re here Wait for the weekend to go off the deep end And make everything disappear You’re lost in a teenage jail So you and so vicious and so frail Where something is always for sale You’re lost in a teenage jail. You’re not […]

King Of Hollywood – Eagles

Looks through pictures of the ones that he hasn’t had yet When he thinks he wants a closer look, He gets out his little black telephone book (he’s calling, calling, calling He’s calling, calling, calling He’s calling, calling, calling He’s calling) “come sit down here beside me, honey. Let’s have a little heart to heart. […]

Earlybird – Eagles

About the break of day The earlybird is working So his life don’t fade away Spends his life denying that He’s got no time for flying In the breeze High up on his own, the eagle flies alone And he is free Earlybird is scratching though The going’s getting tough Time is passing by him […]

Do Something – Eagles

And on the streets of town Trying to make sense of what you left me Everything that I believed in Has been turned upside down And now it seems the whole wide world’s gone crazy But when I feel like giving up And I’m ready to walk away In the stillness, I can hear A […]

Hollywood Waltz – Eagles

Southern California will see one more day Dreamland, and bus’ness is booming, The birds are a singing as I drift away She looks another year older, From too many lovers who used her and ran But some nights, oh, she looks like an angel And she’s always willing to hold you again So give her […]

Busy Being Fabulous – Eagles

And I found your little note “Don’t wait up for me tonight” And that was all she wrote Do you think I don’t know that you’re out on the town With all of your high-rollin’ friends? What do you do when you come up empty? Where do you go when the party ends? And you […]

Waiting In The Weeds – Eagles

Another summer’s promise almost gone And though I heard some wise man say That every dog will have his day He never mentioned that these dog days get so long I don’t know when I realized the dream was over Well, there was no particular hour, no given day You know, it didn’t go down […]

The Sad Cafe – Eagles

Was softly falling The tracks that ran down the boulevard had All been washed away Out of the silver light, the past came softly calling And I remember the times we spent Inside the sad cafe Oh, it seemed like a holy place, Protected by amazing grace And we would sing right out loud, the […]

Last Good Time In Town – Eagles

I can’t wait to do it again But I haven’t had the time Lately I like to step out every once in a while I kind of like to do it in style I haven’t had the time Lately Lately I’ve been stayin’ at home (Stayin’ at home, stayin’ at home) Workin’ the crosswords, turn […]

After The Thrill Is Gone – Eagles

Some habits that you just can’t lose There’s no telling what a man might lose, After the thrill is gone The flame rises but it soon descends Empty pages and a frozen pen You’re not quite lovers and you’re not quite friends After the thrill is gone, oh, After the thrill is gone What can […]

Try And Love Again – Eagles

Where your memories can find you Like a circle goes around You were lost until you found out What it all comes down to One by one The lonely feelings come Day by day, they slowly fade away Ooh, the look was in her eyes you never know what might be found there She was […]

Ol’ 55 – Eagles

Out to my ol’ fifty-five. As I pulled away slowly feelin’ so holy God knows I was feelin’ alive. And now the sun’s comin’ up, I’m ridin’ with Lady Luck, Freeway cars and trucks. Stars beginning to fade And I lead the parade Just a wishin’ I’d stayed a little longer. Lord, don’t you know […]

Those Shoes – Eagles

There must be someplace you can go In the middle of the tall drinks and the drama, There must be someone you know. God knows, you’re lookin’ good enough, But you’re so smooth and the world’s so rough. You might have somethin’ to loose. Oh, no, pretty mama, what you gonna Do in those shoes? […]

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