Performer EAGLES

Victim Of Love – Eagles

You should be home, but youre not A room full of noise and dangerous boys Still makes you thirsty and […]

The Disco Strangler – Eagles

Dressed to kill She don’t have to worry ’cause There’s always someone else who will Loose and loaded every night […]

Wasted Time – Eagles

With your little head, down in your hand Oh, my God, you can’t believe it’s happening again Your baby’s gone, […]

Take The Devil – Eagles

Take the devil from your mind He’s been holding on to you And you’re so hard to find The wind […]

Bitter Creek – Eagles

I’d try any ill to find the cure An old man told me Tryin’ to scold me ‘oh, son, don’t […]

Lyin’ Eyes – Eagles

How to open doors with just a smile A rich old man And she won’t have to worry She’ll dress […]

Chug All Night – Eagles

But that’s all right You know when I want you Most every night And I’ve been meaning to tell You […]

How Long – Eagles

Lonely as a train I’ve run just as far as I can run If I never see the good old […]

Learn To Be Still – Eagles

As you stumble to your bed You’d give anything to silence Those voices ringing in your head You thought you […]

Business As Usual – Eagles

Look at all the people in denial We’re burning time, bleeding grace Still we worship at the marketplace While common […]

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