Performer EAGLES

Take The Devil – Eagles

Take the devil from your mind He’s been holding on to you And you’re so hard to find The wind […]

Bitter Creek – Eagles

I’d try any ill to find the cure An old man told me Tryin’ to scold me ‘oh, son, don’t […]

Lyin’ Eyes – Eagles

How to open doors with just a smile A rich old man And she won’t have to worry She’ll dress […]

Chug All Night – Eagles

But that’s all right You know when I want you Most every night And I’ve been meaning to tell You […]

How Long – Eagles

Lonely as a train I’ve run just as far as I can run If I never see the good old […]

Learn To Be Still – Eagles

As you stumble to your bed You’d give anything to silence Those voices ringing in your head You thought you […]

Business As Usual – Eagles

Look at all the people in denial We’re burning time, bleeding grace Still we worship at the marketplace While common […]

Hotel California – Eagles

Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance, I saw shimmering light My head […]

Visions – Eagles

Visions, that will never grow old Sweet baby, I had some visions of you If I can’t have it all, […]

Best Of My Love – Eagles

holdin’ you close in my dreams, thinkin’ about all the things that we said and comin’ apart at the seams. […]

Desperado – Eagles

You been out ridin’ fences for so long now Oh you’re a hard one I know that you got your […]

In The City – Eagles

Out beyond the neon lights I know there must be somethin’ better But there’s nowhere else in sight It’s survival […]

Outlaw Man – Eagles

The highway is my legacy On the highway I will run In one hand I’ve a bible In the other […]

Fast Company – Eagles

Now, what’s the rush? You listen here No, you just hush I know what you think That man don’t know […]

New Kid In Town – Eagles

Great expectations, everybodys watching you. People you meet they all seem to know you, Even your old friends treat you […]

Out Of Control – Eagles

With the stars all shinin’ down Well, I can hear the night wind howlin’ It’s a high and lonesome sound […]

Heartache Tonight – Eagles

Before the night is through Somebody’s gonna come undone. There’s nothin’ we can do. Everybody wants to touch somebody If […]

Long Road Out Of Eden – Eagles

Shadows moving on the sand Somebody whispering the twenty-third Psalm Dusty rifle in his trembling hands Somebody trying just to […]

Somebody – Eagles

You know you had it coming ’cause you played so rough Back over your shoulder got an icy chill Man, […]

Teenage Jail – Eagles

You can’t make the time go You don’t even know why you’re here Wait for the weekend to go off […]

Earlybird – Eagles

About the break of day The earlybird is working So his life don’t fade away Spends his life denying that […]

Do Something – Eagles

And on the streets of town Trying to make sense of what you left me Everything that I believed in […]

Hollywood Waltz – Eagles

Southern California will see one more day Dreamland, and bus’ness is booming, The birds are a singing as I drift […]

The Sad Cafe – Eagles

Was softly falling The tracks that ran down the boulevard had All been washed away Out of the silver light, […]

Ol’ 55 – Eagles

Out to my ol’ fifty-five. As I pulled away slowly feelin’ so holy God knows I was feelin’ alive. And […]

Those Shoes – Eagles

There must be someplace you can go In the middle of the tall drinks and the drama, There must be […]

You Are Not Alone – Eagles

Say goodbye to all those lonely nights Say goodbye to all your blue tomorrows Now you’re standing in the light […]

Is It True? – Eagles

Takes you for a fool He’s only lookin’ for a good time How can he love you when he Treats […]

James Dean – Eagles

I know just what you mean James dean, you said it all so clean And I know my life would […]

Too Many Hands – Eagles

Sometimes hard to find Like a rainbow Well, she’s lost all her glory And could tell you some stories That […]