Inferno – Edge Of Sanity

Inserted soul denied No choice but staying alive Left hand path laughter The grin strengths up my heartbeat So where […]

Nocturnal – Edge Of Sanity

(Preserve, preserve) Preserve me from the rays of dawn. I only feast at night. My sharp claws taste the flesh. […]

Demon I – Edge Of Sanity

1. The stranger it seems, the clearer it gets in my eyes It’s like all that is wicked, is natural […]

Tales… – Edge Of Sanity

controlled by lust you can’t defy. Beyond these skies, lies the world that we once knewe and passed all through. […]

15:36 – Edge Of Sanity

Let me invite you to my netherworld I’ll show you sights you’re never seen You still my hunger You’re an […]

No Destiny – Edge Of Sanity

1. We live our lives in our daily fashion Confuse our lives with unanswered questions Seems everybody needs a reason […]

Enigma – Edge Of Sanity

The Priest: Confess your sins to God, don’t be afraid. Just like me of flesh and blood you’re made. I […]

Silent – Edge Of Sanity

To live a life in silence, to live without the word. I’m sitting here like a silent bird. You try […]

The Dead – Edge Of Sanity

the tunnel of pain is in front. You’re passing through dimensions, a life is ended, another is gone. Remember for […]

Enter Chaos – Edge Of Sanity

They have lost faith in everything even in themselves. Gun-propaganda from the land of the free – “The land of […]

Lost – Edge Of Sanity

I am the king of time I am off the edge of sanity My living ain’t no crime A soldier […]

Hollow – Edge Of Sanity

Depression ain’t the reason why everything turns grey When my mind’s been drained through the stream of frozen minds The […]

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