Edible Autopsy – Cannibal Corpse

Wheeled in on a cart, lying dormant not dead
Hospital of immortality, butcher their patients bloody red
Taken to a dark room, fear of impending doom
The doctor straps you down, with an evil grin
Grabs his rusty blade, ripping through flesh and vein
He tortures his patients through evil means

You can’t try to fight them, first they change your brain
beyond the realm of evil, their means are insane
Mutilated beyond belief, but still kept alive
Pathologist of death gouging out your eyes

Guts and blood, bones are broken
As they eat your pancreas
Human liver, for their diner
Or maybe soup with eyes
Cause of death, still unknown
Gnawing meat, from your bones
Bone saw binding in your skull
Brains are oozing a human stump
Needles injected, through your eyes
Puiling off flesh, skinned alive

Killing for free in blood they will trust, and they must never forsake
feeding on blood that brought them abound, and they must kill tonight
Genocide, suicide, screaming cries, in hell you will die

Lying dormant not dead

Lyric Edible Autopsy – Cannibal Corpse