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Into The Old Man’s Shoes – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin I’m moving out of Tombstone, yeah with the sun behind my back I’m tired of people talking of things that I lack Ever since a week ago, the day he passed away I’ve been taking too much notice of the things they’ve had to say And all they say is you […]

Dear God – Elton John

Lyrics by Gary Osborne Dear God, are you there Can you hear me, do you care Dear God, here are we Less than perfect, far from free Oh we take what we get and we don’t take no more But we sometimes forget what it was you created us for Dear God, now’s the time […]

Hoop Of Fire – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin You say that all you want are the simple things Long walks on lonely beaches, guitars with nylon strings But underneath you’d rather leap through a hoop of fire You shy away from lips that want, that want to kiss you Tongue-tied on formal evenings, wealth don’t impress you But if […]

Cold Highway – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Your life stepped lightly out our hands When no one’s looking out you understand Your world was a wheel but the cog ceased to turn The bottom fell out and our fingers got burned And there’s a cold, cold highway that the wind whistles down Where the corners turn blind like […]

Shine On Through – Elton John

Lyrics by Gary Osborne Oh my love I have cursed the stars above That lead my heart to you But as hard as I try Still my love will not die And the stars still shine on through And the stars still shine on through Oh my dear Now this ship’s too hard to steer […]

Go On And On – Elton John

Written by Stevie Wonder On and On On and On She broke my heart, he hurt me too That’s something that only unworthy souls do They said goodbye, we say hello An introduction for a perfect love to grow Let’s stop thinking about the past And start thinking about the future So that love can […]

Curtains – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin I used to know this old scarecrow He was my song, my joy and sorrow Cast alone between the furrows Of a field no longer sown by anyone I held a dandelion That said the time had come To leave upon the wind Not to return When summer burned the earth […]

Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Elton John

Lyrics by Tim Rice from the Lion King soundtrack There’s a calm surrender To the rush of day When the heat of the rolling world Can be turned away An enchanted moment And it sees me through It’s enough for this restless warrior Just to be with you Chorus: And can you feel the love […]

Feed Me – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Don’t close the shades I’m scared of the darkness I’m cold as a razor blade Inches from madness Don’t let me sleep here They’re all trying to kill me I’ve seen the walls moving They’ve all heard me screaming, screaming Feed me Feed my needs and then just leave me Let […]

Satellite – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Well you come on like a comet, ideas in your head Starving for affection, waiting to be fed Crazy like a full moon, eyes open wide Taking in everything you need to stay alive Who leads who, who knows where If you leave me now will I see you again I’m […]

Madness – Elton John

Lyrics by Gary Osborne The fuse is set and checked once more Then left beside a back street door And in the cold grey light Someone sees a shadow run through the night and out of sight They hide inside a smoke filled room To hear at last the blast of doom And so the […]

Big Dipper – Elton John

Lyrics by Gary Osborne Now I saw you talking to a cute little slip of a sailor And it looked at first like the whole thing would end as a failure He had a thing about a quarter to four And he just couldn’t handle any more He’s got his own big dipper so he […]

All Quiet On The Western Front – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin All quiet on the Western Front, nobody saw A youth asleep in the foreign soil, planted by the war Feel the pulse of human blood pouring forth See the stems of Europe bend under force All quiet All quiet All quiet on the Western Front So tired of this garden’s grief, […]

Hard Luck Story – Elton John

Sometimes I think I’m going crazy Staring at the same four walls Waiting for the working day to end Then I get home so wasted, worn out I curse at you and tell you How I’ve done the work of ten to fifteen men How I’ve struggled for my money Sweated blood to get us […]

The Retreat – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin They laid beneath the pine trees with their caps over their eyes They were drunk with home and mama as they brushed away the flies In an instant before the sunrise they had gunned the rebels down As their flags were torn at half mast in the ruins of the town […]

It’s Getting Dark In Here – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin It’s getting dark in here Don’t want to leave Shadow’s falling And I believe Winds picking up Thing’s so unclear I’m afraid of my shadow And it’s getting dark in here I’m scared of strangers On the street World’s so ugly I can’t breath Moon’s so spooky I’m close to tears […]

Mama Can’t Buy You Love – Elton John

Baby, so they give you anything Darling, all the joy money can bring Baby, do they bring you happiness Darling, you’re no different from the rest Can’t you see that it’s love you really need Take my hand and I’ll show what a love could be Before it’s too late Mama don’t want you, daddy […]

Take Me To The Pilot – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin If you feel that it’s real I’m on trial And I’m here in your prison Like a coin in your mint I am dented and I’m spent with high treason Through a glass eye your throne Is the one danger zone Take me to the pilot for control Take me to […]

I Know The Truth – Elton John

Lyrics by Tim Rice Duet with Janet Jackson From the album Elton John and Tim Rice’s Aida How have I come to this How did I slip and fall How did I throw half a lifetime away Without any thought at all This should’ve been my time It’s over, it never began Facing a world, […]

Dixie Lily – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Showboat coming up the river See her lanterns flicker in the gentle breeze I can hear the crickets singing in the evening Old Dixie Lily moving past the cypress trees My little boat she rocks easy I’ve been catching catfish in the creek all day Oh and I’ve never seen ladies […]

Breaking Hearts (Ain’t What It Used To Be) – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin They used to say that boys are tough as nails In every way he keeps his heart as guarded as a jail Now things have changed, I feel so old Like any girl could drag my heart across the coals I was always there in the thick of things I always […]

Holiday Inn – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Boston at last and the plane’s touching down Our hostess is handing the hot towels around From a terminal gate to a black limousine It’s a ten minute ride to the Holiday Inn Boredom’s a pastime that one soon acquired Where you get to the stage where you’re not even tired […]

Return To Paradise – Elton John

Lyrics by Gary Osborne It’s paradise here where the sun meets the sea There’s nothing to fear and so much to be But soon I must go, say goodbye to it all That homeland of mine is beginning to call Goodbye doesn’t mean this has to be the end Fading dreams grow cold as ice […]

Amoreena – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Lately I’ve been thinking how much I miss my lady Amoreena’s in the cornfield brightening the daybreak Living like a lusty flower, running through the grass for hours Rolling through the hay like a puppy child And when it rains the rain falls down Washing out the cattle town And she’s […]

Madman Across The Water – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin I can see very well There’s a boat on the reef with a broken back And I can see it very well There’s a joke and I know it very well It’s one of those that I told you long ago Take my word I’m a madman don’t you know Once […]

Blue Eyes – Elton John

Lyrics by Gary Osborne Blue eyes Baby’s got blue eyes Like a deep blue sea On a blue blue day Blue eyes Baby’s got blue eyes When the morning comes I’ll be far away And I say Blue eyes Holding back the tears Holding back the pain Baby’s got blue eyes And she’s alone again […]

Shoot Down The Moon – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Oh no I don’t want it You can take it all I’ll put my money where my mouth is Put your suitcase in the hall Oh you robbed me blind Of what little hope remained You put a gun to my head A bullet through my brain You can’t shoot down […]

Midnight Creeper – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Walk a mile in my tennis shoes Tina Turner gave me the highway blues But I don’t love nobody but you honey I’m true rat for the things I done Second cousin to a son of a gun I’m gonna wipe out your mama if she puts me on honey `Cause […]

Just Like Noah’s Ark – Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin It’s just like Noah’s ark There’s two of every kind Pretty girls and boys in drag Walking a fine thin line Shaking hands and bussing cheeks Licking their lips like they could eat Me alive in a couple of weeks Yea just like Noah’s ark Italiano promotion men Chomping a big […]

Long Way From Happiness – Elton John

You seem to feel better these days I’ve known you for so long I’ve seen your brightness go from blue to grey You know that’s true You can shake your head but I can prove I’ve seen things through your eyes You think you win but in the end you lose And there’s no second […]

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