Dreams Left Behind – Embracing

In an instant all was turned to chaos With the wind I was brought away Somewhere to a place you never could imagine Where I woke up it was so cold There was this castle with walls as high as the black skies I didn? t know I had to pay The price of my […]

A Last Breath Of The Night – Embracing

A last breath of the night And the sun shines over my land The resting trees are soon awake By the sound from the river I am walking on clouds through a dream Near my heart in chorus they scream Where all the angels are statues Demons incaged by time Images of creatures with wings […]

Shades Embrace – Embracing

When last light fades and all that was returns Mysteries never known by humans We thought they were lost But we were wrong Now they’re to far to reach Among ancient gods they will sleep In the grave I am buried A treasure lies Resting with me sharing my dreams For every day that passes […]

Name It Tomorrow – Embracing

I lost the word I was about to say And left in my hand was only a leaf I think I’ll name it Tomorrow Beautiful field of serenade They play my song on their violins Golden gems reaching for me Never fall for the shiny temptation Hear the echoing screams calling Drown in a lake […]

Dragon Rage – Embracing

I walked inside the forest on my own No one cared for me I was not of their kind Aside a little river I lay down in the silence Looking up in the clear blue sky This was like the finest dream I’ve ever had The rising winds made me wonder I could feel the […]

On Wings Of Sadness – Embracing

My life now ended, now when you have left me My love you spread across the field of sadness On rosen leafs you were buried And so as to your eternal beauty On wings of sadness you will travel Against your eternal sleep Humanity will pay the price for my remorse and pain I will […]

My Dragon Banner – Embracing

A few steps ahead is the gate from where I came I was brought here by angels They saw me in sadness and pain My wounds will never heal Every time I walk in my garden of flowers Trying to feel alive again, but I fail Nothing more than a dead leaf I have become […]

Stranger – Embracing

Octagon sided summersun blinded my eyes Though overwhelming curiosity itched in me Exhausted arms trembled and touched a tree Familiar senses hungering for more Pre-Chorus: A dry silence fell to pass by a feary whisper This little maid seemed as helpless and lost as I Then shimmering words asked for a favour Lay down with […]