Embryonic Necropsy And Devourment – Carcass

…Abortive secretions..embryonic fermentation…

Your crotch spawning afterbirth
A congealing sprog basted in cess
Palpitations spew a foetus
Sprawling in this mess…
Flowing lochial discharge
Of copious womb lining torn

The mutilated still-born mangled
By the whiplashing umbilical cord…
Mixing together post-natal juices
The dead infant used as stock
Slurping this horrendous concoction
Eat the cervical slop…
Ladling out aborted debris
Oozing guts chomped in your maw
The caesating premature baby
Nurtured in post-partum gore…
Suck cess on a plate, lick its pus from a spoon
Gnaw at rashes on a dish, munch on the expelled womb…
Its testicles incised – the foetus liquidized
Whisk the parasite – the gross remains baptized…

(Solo: parturient paste sandwich)

Stagnant placenta and smelly fluids
The stiffening dead babe’s crib
Disemboweling and gutting
Grating bone and rib
Fragile limbs puverized
Dismemberment is so cruel
Soggy organs and paturient broth
Give piquance to this sickly gruel…
Mixing together post-natal juices

Lyric Embryonic Necropsy And Devourment – Carcass